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DrillSIM:50 is a portable real-time drilling and well control simulator.

The interactive simulator is a means of delivering hands-on well control training to recognised accreditation standards.

The DrillSIM:50 includes four consoles, a touchscreen student station and a laptop instructor station which can be quickly and easily transported between classrooms and sites.

The four consoles are physical and accurate representations of drilling controls, a remote choke console, a BOP console and a manifold console.

DrillSim Downhole Model

DrillSIM:50 includes the full DrillSIM downhole model which provides a dynamic 3D graphic visualisation of the actions taking place down a deviated well throughout a wide range of drilling operations.

DrillSIM Suite Manager

A DrillSIM software package license can be added to DrillSIM:50 to create a multi-station training environment. Simulations can be observed, monitored and managed from one central instructor station that provides data on the student activity and progress on each simulator.

Industry standards

DrillSIM:50 meets and exceeds oil and gas drilling and well control training and accreditation standards set by IWCF and IADC (levels 3 and 4).

Key benefits to your business

Maximise return on investment with unlimited team exercises.

Ensure teams are well trained, competent and accredited to globally recognised standards.

Provide a realistic training experience without the risk to assets, personnel or the environment.

Make team training easier and more interactive with four consoles.

Key features of the DrillSIM:50

  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Supplied with protective transport cases
  • Includes drilling controls, remote choke console, BOP console, manifold console, a touchscreen PC and a laptop
  • 3D schematic view of the rig floor and downhole graphic views
  • Additional graphical on-screen representation of additional controls and instrumentation
  • Supports a multi-station training environment when used in conjunction with the DrillSIM:Suite Manager or DrillSIM:Educator package
  • Full DrillSIM downhole model capabilities

Key capabilities of the DrillSIM:50

The DrillSIM:50 can be utilised to develop and run exercises including, but not limited to:

  • Oil-based mud, bubble point and gas flash out
  • Gas expansion and migration
  • Dynamic pressures during well control
  • Formation fluid type and permeability
  • Bottom hole effects – equivalent circulating density, surge and swab
  • Horizontal and deviated wells
  • Sloughing, differential sticking, key seating, pack-off
  • Rock strength and abrasiveness
  • Choke washout and plugging
  • IADC and IWCF required malfunctions
  • Drilling and tripping

Improve safety and maximise efficiencies

“Drilling Systems’ simulators create an extremely realistic, immersive environment, and place people on the rig in a drilling scenario. Because the graphics and scenarios are so realistic, reaction times are the same as they would be in the field. We were able to build up a comprehensive picture of the outcomes of using different phraseology in training and in the field.”

Catalin Teodoriu, Associate Professor at Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma