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Energy Skills and Safety Passport

To create the world’s first Energy Skills and Safety Passports we have partnered with OPITO, the global safety and skills organisation for the energy industry.

With many oil and gas workers transitioning to other industry roles, there is a need to align the training and standards framework across oil and gas; offshore wind; hydrogen; and carbon capture, utilisation and storage to make movement easier.

The Energy Skills and Safety Passport will streamline the transfer of cross-sector skills to enable a smooth, flexible and cost-efficient transition between offshore energy sectors benefiting both employers and employees.

There are three key benefits of the Energy Skills and Safety Passport:

Saving the workforce and employers time and money by reducing the repetition of cross-sector training. This is expected to save close to £200m over ten years.

Signposting future career opportunities provides flexibility for working across multiple sectors.

Viewing worker’s qualifications, training and relevant expiry information in a single online platform.

We have 2 passports available;

Energy Skills Passport

Skills bodies in safety critical industries are grappling with a number of challenges.

Energy Safety Passport

E-Safety passports for mobile, on-location workforces