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Energy Safety Passport

E-Safety passports for mobile, on-location workforces

Managing site access in safety critical industries is vital to ensure compliance with safety standards. It does however present a range of practical challenges such as:

  • Checking if claimed certificates are valid and not fraudulent
  • Checking that certificates are current
  • Inefficient manual work to input or review paper documents
  • Dealing with lost documents

Many of these challenges take place against time constraints and demands for productivity.

Transform the safety of your worksites with an E-safety Passport

The E-safety passport is a single digital record for employees in safety critical industries. By integrating with sector skills bodies’ accreditation databases, both employer and employee have access to an employee view either from a mobile, laptop or tablet.

The record shows valid certification details, medical and drug test results, competence assessments and any other safety information needed. When accessing a site, a barcode is scanned enabling real time identity and other checks.

The E-safety Passport has many benefits for the organisation

Real time, accurate records for everyone.

A robust way of ensuring the individual is a legitimate employee or contractor with the right to access the site.

No more phone calls or emails to check details.

Ensures that the individual is medically fit and compliant with drug and alcohol testing.

Cut down on wasted travel time and cost by identifying any non-compliance early

Learn more about our Energy Skills Passport

The Safety Passport gives peace of mind to organisations and workers that everyone accessing the worksite has all the necessary qualifications and training to undertake tasks safely.