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First connected virtual reality system boosts safety on land rigs for SANAD

3T Energy Group has created a unique programme to refresh skills and improve safety for SANAD personnel.

A revolutionary new virtual reality training programme has been developed to train workers in hazard awareness on Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling’s (SANAD) land-based drilling rigs.

The unique programme was created by virtual reality specialists at 3T Energy Group for SANAD personnel working on land-based assets in Saudi Arabia. In an industry-first, the virtual reality programme automatically links with a custom-built competency management system to provide critical workforce intelligence, which enables SANAD to tailor future training.

Virtual reality scenarios cover shut-down procedures, working at height and working on the drill floor. Delegates undertake health and safety processes and procedures within the virtual programmes and experience the consequences when correct procedures aren’t followed, with realistic graphics showing tragic outcomes such as explosions, suffocation and critical accidents.

The results of this training are then automatically uploaded to a custom-built competency management system, which can be accessed in real-time remotely anywhere in the world, providing instant insight into employee performance, competency standards and skills’ gaps.

Coy Wilcox from Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling said:

“We have worked very closely with 3T Energy Group to develop this revolutionary new training programme, which links to a custom-made competency management system for the first time. This platform allows us to gather a wealth of information on individual performance which wouldn’t be possible with any other training method. As well as allowing us to track the progress of our training, the system gives wider insight into how well procedures are being followed and understood and enables us to make fact-based decisions on future training. This will ultimately assure the highest levels of safety across our assets.”

Clive Battisby from 3T Energy Group said:

“We were delighted to work with SANAD on this innovative and unique training solution. Virtual reality creates an immersive learning environment which is unrivalled in terms of memory retention.  By making mistakes in the virtual world you simply don’t make them in the real one! Linking the results of this training to a competency management system is an industry-first and it is fantastic to see SANAD leading the way.

“Developments in training technology like this are set to revolutionise the entire training marketplace and 3T Energy Group is at the forefront of these innovations.”