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Achieve a remarkable +70% boost in knowledge retention rates with 3t’s digital division, dedicated to revolutionising training through our award-winning software and immersive technologies. We are committed to creating engaging, memorable learning experiences that empower your workforce to excel.


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At 3t, we are passionate about collaborating with people and industries to ensure a prosperous and safe future for all. Our comprehensive range of digital solutions is designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and productivity across various sectors. From fully immersive simulation technology to the development of digital twins for complex high-risk assets, our innovative platforms are tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Our revolutionary software platform, 3tx, is your ultimate solution for workplace learning, competence management, and associated training needs. With 3tx, you can streamline your training processes, improve learning outcomes, and reduce administrative burdens, all in one integrated platform.

At 3t, we work with you to understand your business needs and requirements to create the most impactful digital solutions.

We truly believe that there is not a one-size-fits-all for learning and our experts will always tailor each offering to you.

Our variety of digital platforms can help you manage your learning, competence and compliance requirements, while our market-leading digital solutions will ensure that your workforce has an engaging and immersive learning experience that enables them to fulfil their potential.

3t Drilling Systems is the world’s number one simulator technology provider with over 1500 simulators deployed in more than 60 countries and a trusted partner of the worldwide energy sector.

Transform your workplace learning with 3tx, our cutting-edge software platform designed to revolutionise training management in safety-critical industries. With 3tx, you can streamline your training processes and reduce administrative burdens, all in one comprehensive digital solution. From managing workforce training to ensuring competence and facilitating associated learning, 3tx offers unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Experience the future of workplace learning with 3tx.

As the world’s leading simulator technology provider, 3t Drilling Systems offers advanced simulation solutions that enhance safety and efficiency in the energy industry. With over 1500 simulators deployed in more than 60 countries, we are a trusted partner in the worldwide energy sector.

Experience immersive 3D simulation learning with our Virtual Reality (VR) safety training solutions. Replicating real-life scenarios and environments, VR training allows learners to practise practical skills in a risk-free environment, fostering better learning outcomes and improving safety awareness.

Transform traditional training with our innovative e-learning solutions tailored for safety-critical industries. With decades of global expertise, we provide interactive and engaging content designed to meet the specific needs of your workforce.

Boost employee engagement and enhance learning outcomes with Knowledge Coach, our quiz-based learning platform. Using gamification, AI, and social collaboration, Knowledge Coach augments safety-critical training content, offering a truly blended learning experience.

Stay ahead of the curve with our bespoke learning content tailored to your organisation’s unique requirements. Our accredited safety learning solutions ensure that your teams are equipped with the most relevant and comprehensive safety knowledge to mitigate risks effectively.

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Knowledge Coach micro-learning app in use

Bespoke blended learning solutions

Combine our digital solutions with high-impact training to create exceptional blended learning experiences. As market leaders in training and learning across various industries, we deliver exceptional results that meet the diverse needs of your workforce.

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When you choose 3t, you partner with experts dedicated to meeting your digital learning needs. Experience the difference with our innovative solutions designed to drive excellence in workforce training and development.

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