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Crane and Lifting Simulators

Explore our innovative Crane and Lifting Simulators to enhance your skills and elevate safety standards in crane operations across various industries.

Enhance Your Expertise with Cutting-Edge Crane & Lifting Simulators

Crane and lifting operations play a critical role in diverse industries such as construction, shipping, and oil & gas. The intricate task of lifting and manoeuvring heavy loads demands precision, skill, and above all, safety.

Discover the pinnacle of crane operator training with 3t Drilling Systems’ advanced simulators. Our KraneSIM range stands out as the epitome of innovation and flexibility in crane and lifting training. Engineered to surpass industry standards, these simulators offer trainees a comprehensive array of real-time scenarios, accelerating their learning curve exponentially.

Key Features of KraneSIM Simulators:

  • Realism: Immerse yourself in true-to-life scenarios that replicate on-site challenges with unparalleled accuracy.
  • Versatility: Adapt to various environments and lifting conditions, from construction sites to offshore rigs, with customisable training modules.
  • Safety Emphasis: Prioritise safety with risk-free simulation environments, allowing operators to hone their skills without compromising workplace safety.
  • Efficiency: Shorten the learning curve by experiencing a diverse range of scenarios in a controlled, virtual setting, saving both time and resources.

Whether you’re a novice seeking to enter the field or a seasoned professional aiming to refine your skills, KraneSIM simulators offer a dynamic platform to elevate your expertise and excel in crane and lifting operations.

Empower yourself with the industry-leading crane operator training solution from 3t Drilling Systems. Unlock new heights of proficiency and safety in crane and lifting operations with KraneSIM.

Portable Drilling and Well Control simulators


Tailored Training, Anywhere, Anytime

Empower your workforce with mobile or classroom crane and lifting training facilitated by KraneSIM:60. This versatile simulator delivers real-time lessons, enabling operators to navigate hazardous conditions and effectively respond to equipment malfunctions. Elevate safety and proficiency with targeted, hands-on training tailored to your specific needs.


Setting the Standard for Excellence

Step into a world of immersive learning with KraneSIM:6000, a state-of-the-art full-size simulator designed to exceed industry standards. From various crane types to offshore installations, supply vessels, and load objects, this comprehensive simulator offers a dynamic training environment. Prepare operators to tackle diverse scenarios with confidence and precision, ensuring optimal performance in real-world situations.

On The Rig (OTR)

Revolutionising On-Site Training

Transform on-site training with On The Rig (OTR), a portable simulator revolutionising crane and lifting training in the drilling industry. Seamlessly integrate real-time training into your rig or site, enhancing accessibility and convenience. With OTR, empower your team to master crane operations in their actual working environment, fostering safety and efficiency.

Unlock the Future of Crane and Lifting Training

Experience the future of crane and lifting training with KraneSIM solutions. Whether it’s mobile, immersive, or on-site, our simulators are designed to elevate skills, enhance safety, and optimise performance. Join the ranks of industry leaders revolutionising training methodologies with KraneSIM.

Key Capabilities of our Crane and Lifting Simulators

  • Offshore pedestal, knuckle boom, boom box and riser gantry rig configurations
  • Crane operators’ roles and responsibilities
  • Crane daily and pre-start checks
  • Crane controls
  • Planning a lift
  • Banksman’s role
  • Selection and inspection of lifting gear
  • Rigging and slinging
  • Cargo inspection and loading
  • Voice procedures
  • Decision-making, leadership and deck management
  • Deck lifts, blind lifts, supply vessel lifts
  • Handling malfunctions – mechanical, electrical, environmental
  • Varying weather conditions

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Unique Benefits of Our Crane and Lifting Simulators

  • Enhanced Safety: Train in a risk-free environment, minimising the potential for accidents during the learning process.
  • Customised Scenarios: Tailor scenarios to specific needs or challenges, enhancing the relevance of the training.
  • Advanced Analytics: Utilise detailed analytics to assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and track progress over time.
  • Interactive Feedback: Receive real-time feedback during training sessions, enabling immediate correction and learning.
  • Versatility: Practice with a variety of crane types and lifting scenarios, preparing for a wide range of real-world situations.

Who Can Benefit from Our Simulators?

Our Crane & Lifting Simulators cater to crane operators, riggers, and professionals engaged in lifting operations across industries.

Unlock Advanced Training with 3t Drilling Systems:

Elevate your workforce’s capabilities with 3t Drilling Systems’ cutting-edge crane and lifting simulators. Designed to empower experienced operators, our simulators provide a comprehensive training solution aimed at skill refinement and safety enhancement.


Why choose Drilling Systems?

As the world’s leading provider of advanced drilling simulation technology, Drilling Systems is dedicated to increasing safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

Master the intricacies of crane and lifting operations through immersive, realistic simulations tailored to your industry’s specific needs.

Ensure optimal safety standards and operational efficiency by honing your skills in a risk-free virtual environment.

Tailor your training experience to meet your organisation’s unique requirements, ensuring maximum effectiveness and ROI.


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Transform Your Training Approach Today

Revolutionise your workforce training with 3t Drilling Systems’ advanced Crane & Lifting Simulators. Take the first step towards safety and efficiency by requesting a custom quote through the form below. Empower your team to excel in crane and lifting operations like never before.