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Bespoke Training

When it comes to employee training, one size does not fit all.

We understand every organisation and project has a unique set of needs and challenges and we deliver a highly personalised approach to consultative training.

Working in close partnership with you, we take time to understand your specific business needs before crafting solutions that fit your exact requirements.

Empowering your workforce

Whether it’s the development of a specific module for a particular role or a comprehensive onboarding or leadership programme for your entire workforce, we’ll create bespoke solutions to match your needs.

Our bespoke training includes:

  • Blended learning programmes
  • Leadership training
  • Safe systems of training and coaching solutions
  • Bespoke curriculum development

High-impact blended learning programmes

3t has a variety of market-leading, digital solutions and technology, which can be combined with high impact in-person coaching to create highly effective blended learning programmes.

our engaging ‘Knowledge Coach’ app and games-based learning solution boosts knowledge retention from an average of 20% to an impressive 70%.

as a leading virtual reality training company, we have expertise in replicating dangerous work environments, creating a safe, immersive environment to learn high-risk skills.

tailored online courses to address specific challenges faced by your teams.

Other Bespoke Training

Leadership training

our innovative leadership programmes are targeted towards new leaders, those about to be promoted to leaders or experienced leaders looking for refresher or formal training who work at the sharp end of your business. Our programmes are meticulously designed to address the key challenges faced by organisations and the blended format allows experience to be highly tailored to the individual.

Bespoke curriculum development

our team will work with you to create a course or learning development programme from start to finish, completely customised to your company and learning goals.

Safe Systems of Work solutions

workplace safety is about more than just following regulations – it’s about protecting your people, the environment, and your assets. Even with appropriate procedures in place, serious incidents can occur. Key to managing your risks is a safe system of work that is robust, fit-for-purpose and easy to use – from planning and risk assessment through to permit systems and safe completion of the task.

For more than 20 years, we’ve partnered with companies globally to control hazards and reduce risks. Our qualified and experienced team will provide guidance, support, training and coaching to improve all aspects of your safe system of work.

Ready to transform your workforce?

Are you ready to empower your workforce with the skills they need to excel?

Contact us today to learn more about our Programme Development services or request a custom quote. Let’s work together to drive your business success.