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Upskilling Programmes

In safety critical industries, nothing stands still.

Changing workforce demographics. Skills shortages. New technological advancements. Emerging markets with specific skills development needs.

The need for upskilling programmes which bring high quality, industry-approved training rapidly and effectively to geographical areas and sectors that need it most, is more critical than ever.

3t has developed a range of Upskilling Programmes to truly transform the global workforce marketplace and ensure it has the skills and competencies to meet future challenges head-on.

Our Upskilling Programmes include:

  • Nationalisation programmes
  • Local content skills strategy development
  • Workforce development consultancy

Nationalisation programmes

3t is helping to satisfy requirements for ‘local content’ by delivering best in-class learning solutions to local personnel across the globe.

These solutions use a powerful blend of traditional training and innovative employee development technologies to build a competent, highly skilled workforce with a strong safety-first mentality in emerging oil and gas markets such as Guyana and Caspian.

From in-country assessments to onsite discipline coaching, we’ll travel wherever your personnel is in the world to deliver tailored programmes which meet your upskilling needs.

As well as targeted programmes, we can also deliver longer-term transformational skills development through the development of bespoke training facilities in-country.

For example, in Guyana, we have developed a $20 million state-of-the-art training facility in a joint venture with Guyana’s Orinduik Development Incorporated, Windsor Technologies and 3t Enermech. Featuring the very latest technology and equipment, the facility is proving OPITO-approved training for Guyanese locals to empower and upskill them and is the only facility to offer Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) courses in Guyana.

Local content skills strategy development

our Technical Training and Competence team boasts a wealth of experience and knowledge of the global skills market. Leveraging this expertise, they can recommend and develop the most effective strategies to meet local content skills needs.

Our consultancy service will take a holistic view, identify skills gaps, and offer bespoke solutions to bridge them.

Workforce development consultancy

time and resource constraints often prevent organisations from thoroughly examining their workforce development plan to ensure it will meet future business requirements. We can help you to develop a comprehensive plan which will ensure all of your safety and competency needs are met and your staff is ready and trained to deliver your business goals.


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