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About 3t

Our values

Living our values, every day.

As individuals and as an organisation, we are passionate about living our values, every day.

These values guide us and influence how we do business, how we communicate and how we interact with our people, our customers, and our industries.

Our strong 3t culture means that we care about improving our own workplace, that of our customers and the communities in which we operate.

We are committed to empowering people with the skills and knowledge they need to progress their careers and make a positive contribution to their industry and the wider world.

We do this by ensuring that we can meet the training needs of all workers, meeting them where their learning is at and motivating them and inspiring them to do well.

Technology and innovation are very much at the heart of our transformational learning experiences but so is face-to-face communication – ultimately, we are a people company.

We are constantly listening and innovating to ensure that we offer world-leading solutions that benefit our customers.

We have a responsibility to our customers and to each other to always be doing the right things, for the right reasons. We are responsible for guiding people through the many stages of their working life, ensuring that we are always there to support them along the way.

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Our character helps define how we work

We are proud to be experts in everything that we offer and take pride in the level of trust that our customers put in us. We are proud to attract the best talent, and all continually learn and improve to consistently deliver the very best to all those we work with.

A forward-thinking mindset is fundamental to every dimension of safety-critical thinking. Our purpose and ambition is all about the future – helping people develop and improve for their own, and the greater, good.

We care about each other and those we work with, all working together to achieve the same goal of creating change for the better. We’re committed to making a positive impact on people’s careers and lives, the industries we operate in, and on the world as a whole.

Knowledge Coach micro-learning app in use