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Off the Shelf eLearning Content

With our quick and affordable solution, teams working in high-risk environments can always access beneficial training thanks to our pre-made eLearning courses. This strategy continuously and successfully encourages compliance and safety in a variety of industries.

eLearning Courses for Safety

The way we approach training and education in safety-critical industries has undergone a significant transformation. Due to its diverse training needs, traditional classroom-based methods, while still valuable, are often complemented or even replaced by more flexible and accessible off the shelf eLearning safety training courses.

At 3t, we’re not just another training provider. We’re pioneers in transforming training delivery with technology. With decades of global expertise, we’ve been at the forefront of creating innovative elearning content tailored for safety-critical industries.

What is Off the Shelf eLearning?

Off the shelf eLearning refers to standardised online training modules readily available for immediate use by organisations. Tailored for safety-critical industries, these courses are designed to engage learners and address common industry challenges, ensuring that employees are equipped with essential knowledge and skills.

Unlike bespoke courses, off the shelf eLearning offers a swift, cost-effective solution, ensuring that teams in high-risk environments receive consistent, up-to-date training that aligns with your learning objectives, promoting safety and compliance across the board.

Why choose 3t's eLearning content for safety training?

3t offers a comprehensive eLearning content pack encompassing both off-the-shelf and bespoke eLearning solutions tailored to meet your business requirements.

Offering a swift and cost-effective solution, our off the shelf eLearning courses ensure that teams in high-risk environments can access valuable training at any time. This approach promotes safety and compliance consistently and effectively across various sectors.

From hazard identification to human factors, working at height to waste management, our eLearning courses are loaded with the latest content to help equip learners with the appropriate skill set for their current or future job role in safety critical industries.

Our eLearning courses are developed with an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and necessities within safety-critical industries. This specialised focus helps ensure that your team is well-prepared for industry-specific situations.

Despite our global presence, we take pride in offering a personalised service. We collaborate closely with our clients, tailoring our eLearning solutions to meet their individual development needs and preferences.

Utilising revolutionary cloud-based learning management systems, we transform the training and workforce management experience, making it more efficient, accessible, and user-friendly for learners and organisations alike.

Get job ready with our directory of over 100 eLearning courses

Our eLearning content packs are a low-cost way for your workforce to access just-in-time learning content, which provides underpinning knowledge across various topics. You can take them as an off-the-shelf solution, tailor them to your needs, create new ones from scratch using our best practice lesson templates, or lean on our experts for help.

Popular Uses for our eLearning Content Packs

What do our clients use our eLearning courses for?

Compliance Training: eLearning content packs ensure consistency in delivering regulatory compliance training across the workforce. This is crucial in industries where safety protocols and regulations are stringent.

Skill Development: Trusted eLearning providers offer specialised courses for skill enhancement, particularly in areas like emergency response and hazard management.

Cost-Effective Training Solutions: eLearning is a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional training methods, reducing expenses related to travel, venue, and instructor fees.

Personalised Learning: eLearning caters to individual self-paced learning, allowing employees to progress through modules at their own speed, enhancing comprehension and retention.

Key benefits of our eLearning courses

Our eLearning training courses are accessible on-demand, 24/7, on the laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile, giving your workforce complete flexibility and control over their learning. It increases learning engagement and promotes self-initiated learning by allowing your workforce to undertake key training courses at any time.

You will have complete access to the eLearning dashboard to track and analyse learning and progress.

Our eLearning content packs cover a wide range of topics within safety critical environments. You can power our eLearning courses through our sophisticated Learning Management System or upload our library straight onto your existing one.

The complete power of the approach to our off the shelf courses is entirely in our hands, and you get to decide how to complete it – whether it’s quickly, or at your own pace.

eLearning helps to minimise training costs to your business by enabling workers to expand their knowledge and enhance their leadership skills without the need to travel.

Our broad range of ready-to-go courses have been competitively priced and are some of the most cost-effective in the industry. We also deliver flexibly priced bespoke content.

We provide only the very best training courses created by experts and selected content partners, enabling your team to gain valuable insights across many topics within safety.

From our MIST Online Refresher Course to High Risk eLearning Courses, we offer an array of high-quality eLearning courses that comply with the highest industry standards.

Addressing Your Concerns

Absolutely. Our courses are designed by instructional designers and industry experts, utilising interactive elements to ensure engagement and retention. They are also adept at creating scalable content packs that address diverse training needs.

Our advanced learning management system provides real-time tracking, allowing you to monitor progress and ensure compliance. This system is particularly useful in managing and assessing the effectiveness of group training sessions.

eLearning offers unparalleled flexibility, making it a preferred choice for many modern organisations. Unlike traditional safety courses that require participants to be present at a specific location and time, elearning allows learners to access off the shelf content whenever and wherever they choose.

Yes. For safety courses that require theoretical knowledge, soft skills training, compliance modules, and many other areas, elearning can be the ideal solution. It’s essential to assess the training needs and the nature of the content to determine the best delivery method.

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