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Training Management Services

Delivering value for your training and compliance needs.

Our Managed Services provide flexible and cost-effective solutions designed to assist clients with the planning and associated management of training and related activities.

Coordinating the training requirements of a large volume of personnel can be a time consuming and costly process to manage for our clients; our service seeks to systemise and streamline every aspect of these activities. ​

We can take the strain out of your hands, and offer you a fully outsourced training management solution that works for your business.

Trusted by our global clients

Working with 3t.

3t has forged a path over the last eight years to be recognised as the leading provider of global training and competency management services. This is proven by our market leading position with many of the world’s leading Oil and Gas, Renewables and Public Sector organisations.

Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and it is by focussing on these values that we are able to deliver impactful solutions to our clients that drive compliance and safety. ​

Not only does the 3t model meet the diverse training needs of our clients, we exceed expectations by consistently delivering tangible and measurable benefits to compliance and safety performance in a cost effective way.

The benefits:

  • A single point of contact for all training course bookings​
  • Coordination Teams that are available in global locations
  • Access to 3t’s Training Services course portfolios at significantly reduced partner rates​
  • Access to the latest cutting edge training and competency software via 3t’s Digital division
  • Direct booking access to a range of 3rd party training providers through 3t’s Marketplace network ​
  • Access to expert knowledge and technical SME’s across a range of industries
  • Single monthly consolidated invoice to fit requirements​, reducing the complexity of the supply chain
  • An outsourced service designed around your organisations procedures and requirements​

3t's approach is tailored to your needs

At 3t, we believe in a collaborative approach. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and environment, tailoring our services to provide optimal solutions. Our project teams function as true extensions of your organisation, adapting as your requirements evolve.

Our services are underpinned by a world-leading software platform developed by 3t, 3tx, which provides real-time management and monitoring of your entire workforce’s training requirements in one centralised database. This includes tracking certificates and compliance, visualising skills gaps, and predicting future training needs so you can ensure that your workforce remains compliant, and in turn, confident.

Expert guidance to achieve your goals

Our dedicated training consultants contribute decades of focused expertise. They act as trusted advisors to maximise the strategic impact of your learning programs and talent development.

Our Managed Services personnel are exceptionally knowledgeable and through our robust Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes are kept up to speed with relevant industry knowledge.

Our TMS teams have robust knowledge of;​

  • International training standards ​
  • Industry mutual recognition policies​
  • Energy sector and industrial mandatory training courses​
  • Training locations and key vendors​
  • Course pre-requisites and administration​
  • Post course administration and follow up requirements​

By leveraging our global best practices and innovation, you gain an invaluable partner to help you:

  • Continually upskill your workforce with the latest in-demand skills;
  • Foster an agile, growth-oriented learning culture across locations;
  • Demonstrate clear ROI by connecting training to performance outcomes;
    Plan targeted development initiatives tied to business objectives;
  • Maintain compliance levels through expiration reminders and renewal tracking;
  • Unify data across HR, LMS and other systems for insights.

Technology that powers success

  • Compliance tracking and expiration alerts;
  • Tracking and management of assessment plans;
  • Skills gap analysis by job role or project;
  • Evidence management;
  • Automated workflows for bookings, logistics and notifications;
  • Custom reports and PowerBI dashboards;
  • APIs to integrate HR, LMS, finance systems;
  • Training course bookings;
  • Predictive analytics to optimise planning…. And more.

By leveraging 3tx’s capabilities, you gain data-driven insights to elevate your training programs.

Ready to transform your training management?

Are you ready to consolidate your training suppliers into a single relationship?

Are you ready to remove the administrative burden and focus on what you do best?

Contact us today to learn more about our Training Management Services or request a custom quote. Let’s work together to transform your training management and drive your business success.