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Knowledge Coach

A cutting-edge quiz-based learning platform designed to enhance engagement and knowledge retention in safety training.

Knowledge Coach micro-learning app in use

In a world where technology and innovation are reshaping safety-critical industries, the importance of safety training has never been more pronounced. Yet, the traditional methods often seem out of sync with the dynamic needs of today’s workforce, leaving gaps in knowledge and critical thinking skills.

The question is…how can you ensure that your team is not only informed but also engaged and equipped to handle unexpected situations?


Our clients saw
Reduction in safety incidents when using Knowledge Coach

Introducing Knowledge Coach

Knowledge Coach is a quiz-based learning platform that uses gamification, AI, and social collaboration to help boost employee engagement and excel in all aspects of workforce learning, with direct and immediate business benefits. It works alongside and augments our safety-critical training content and learning tools to supplement what you do, offering a truly blended learning solution in an easy and hassle-free way.

It provides an advanced way of securing measurable business strategies through the maintenance of knowledge and provides your employees with a modern platform to engage, communicate, and learn all in one place.

From safety and compliance, to change management, Knowledge Coach delivers meaningful learning with proven results across multiple industries.

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Enhance Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Knowledge Coach is 3t’s answer to the evolving demands of safety training. This quiz-based learning platform is designed to:

  • Engage Learners: Through interactive quizzes, employees are not just passive recipients of information but active participants in their learning journey.
  • Develop Critical Thinkers: By challenging users to think on their feet, we’re encouraging a culture of critical thinking, problem solving and risk assessment.
  • Deliver Measurable Improvements: With real-time feedback and analytics, track your team’s progress and identify areas for further training.

A quiz-based learning approach to improve your workforce engagement and learning outcome, what more could you want?

Business Challenges

Many organisations tell us that they struggle to find the best way to deliver and manage learning effectively. It’s human nature that individuals approach and experience learning differently, so understanding this and ensuring your workforce has options available to them can significantly improve learning outcomes.

Maintaining engagement levels of learners, across all industries, is a common and ongoing challenge. Some learning can be naturally fun, however some topics such as safety-critical or mandatory operating procedures, which are vital for the safety of people and the environment, can often be less engaging for the learner. Operating across safety-critical industries, our clients often ask us how they can make business critical learning like this feel like less of a chore, and more interesting.

Another common business challenge our clients tell us about is knowledge fade over time. Candidates’ accreditations may be current but does that mean that their knowledge is? It is a challenging question for most organisations to answer confidently and the ability to report that the workforce is compliant covers only the basics. However, being able to identify at a granular and individual level the knowledge gaps within these employees provides a far more robust approach to compliance.

Our clients also tell us that they have data and basic numbers of compliance levels across their organisations to hand, but they struggle to find the insights within that data that help them to make any robust or urgent changes to support what their workforces need at any given time.

If you need to urgently update a standard operating procedure, communicate this and then update your training accordingly, how would you do this?

You may not have the answer to this question, or you may have to quickly jump to more traditional means of communicating a mandatory learning requirement to reach your employees at speed. But what if there was a simpler, more effective, quicker, and more robust way of doing this that would give you total peace of mind that your safety-critical thinking is being embedded.

Knowledge Coach Creates Many Business Benefits


Knowledge Coach uses AI to predict when each learner is likely to forget something and then sends them personalised boosters that lock in and reinforce their knowledge.


Learners stay highly engaged with gamification and can score badges, points, build up winning streaks, and battle their way to the top of the leaderboard against their peers. Challenges and competitions stimulate learning and keeps employees committed to growing their knowledge.

Easy Content Creation

Get started right away with our out-of-the-box content on a broad range of topics, or build your own, you can even import third party content, let us do it for you, or integrate it with your own learning and communication platforms with easy connection to over 300 applications.


Detailed insights, reports and analytics powered by over 200 metrics enable you to optimise L&D initiatives and discover actionable insights related to risks, opportunities, knowledge gaps and overall learning performance.

Are you ready to improve your workforce learning outcomes?

Don’t let outdated methods hold you back. Embrace the future with Knowledge Coach and witness firsthand the power of quiz-based learning for safety. With our platform, you’re not just investing in a tool but in the growth and safety of your workforce.