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Apprentices are the workforce of the future.
Apprentices learning at 3t Training Services Centre

We’re passionate about empowering people with the skills and knowledge they need to start and succeed in a fulfilling career.

Apprenticeships are a great way to gain these safety-critical skills while learning in a safe, supportive, non-critical environment until they achieve competence. Apprentices develop a high level of knowledge, including health and safety practices, in this environment before moving on to onsite work.

Our expert instructors will support you throughout your apprenticeship journey to learn everything you need through classroom and on-the-job training.

We currently offer the below apprenticeships for the Utilities and Construction sector:


The Level 2 scaffolding apprenticeship in the construction and built environment route takes around 18 months to complete.

PNC (Power Network Craftsperson)

The PNC is suitable for those working in constructing, maintaining and repairing the UK’s electrical power network, and can be completed within 30 months.

Highways maintenance skilled operative

Designed for those working on rural and urban roads to repair damaged surfaces, this apprenticeship takes around 18 months to complete.

Gas network operatives

This apprenticeship is undertaken over 24 months and it is recommended apprentices also hold a SHEA gas or street works card so they can dive straight into the world of work. We can help you complete these alongside your apprenticeship.

Water network operative

Completed over the course of 18 months, it is advised that apprentices also hold a SHEA water, street works or water hygiene card. We can assist with this additional training alongside your apprenticeship.

Interested in an Apprenticeship?

We have funding available for qualifying companies and the government is providing incentives along with Apprenticeship levy funding to smaller companies to enable them to take on an apprentice.

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