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3t Drilling Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge simulation technology solutions tailored to enhance safety and efficiency within the oil and gas sector.

With a robust track record spanning over 1500 simulators deployed across more than 60 countries, we proudly stand as the premier global provider of drilling simulators.

Drawing from our extensive expertise in simulator design, manufacturing, installation, and deployment, we offer bespoke solutions to meet diverse individual requirements.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that each solution is uniquely tailored to address specific industry challenges, empowering our clients to optimise operations and achieve peak performance. At 3t Drilling Systems, we are dedicated to advancing industry standards and driving technological innovation.

Partner with us to unlock the full potential of your operations and elevate your competitive edge in today’s dynamic oil and gas landscape.

Our range of world-class simulators

Drilling and Well Control

Elevate your drilling and well control training with DrillSIM simulators, setting the gold standard in the industry. Our simulators surpass IADC and IWCF accreditation, delivering unparalleled realism and effectiveness in training. Our oil drilling simulators, including the IADC simulator in England and IWCF simulator in Scotland, are designed to meet the highest standards of training and safety.

Well Intervention

Experience real-time training excellence with our full-size and portable well-intervention simulators. Perfect your coiled tubing and wireline operations with immersive simulations that replicate on-site conditions with precision and accuracy. Our coiled tubing simulators are an essential tool for well intervention training.

Crane and Lifting

Unlock the pinnacle of crane and lifting training with KraneSIM simulators. Designed to be innovative and adaptable, our simulators offer unparalleled flexibility and realism, ensuring operators are fully prepared for the challenges of real-world scenarios. From mobile crane training simulators to offshore crane simulator training, we provide comprehensive solutions that encompass the benefits of crane simulators.


Access cutting-edge training anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based iSimulators. Compatible with any device connected to the internet, our iSimulators provide a convenient and efficient training solution for modern learners. With our crane operator simulator online, trainees can practice in a risk-free environment before operating actual machinery.

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Why choose Drilling Systems?

As the global leader in advanced drilling simulation technology, Drilling Systems is committed to enhancing safety and efficiency across the oil and gas industry. By choosing us, you gain access to:


  • Unrivalled Safety Measures
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Development of Competency and Skill Mastery


With simulator training, mistakes in the virtual world prevent errors in the real one, ensuring a safer and more competent workforce. Join us in revolutionising training standards and securing a safer future for your operations.

Making mistakes in the virtual world ensures they don’t happen in the real one. Simulator training helps build a safer workforce. Our rigging simulator and control simulator are just a few examples of how we put safety first.

Operations and procedures can be tried and tested in a virtual environment to establish the safest, most effective methods in the real world. This ultimately enables operational excellence and reduces operational costs. Our drilling construction simulator and oil rig simulator are key tools for achieving such efficiency.

Continuous learning through simulation helps to reduce human error which drives reductions in non-productive time and ultimately improves oil production levels. An affordable crane simulator is a prime example of how cost-saving can be realised through effective training.

Knowing your team is world-class gives quality-assurance and peace of mind for your clients. Our tailored competency-based programmes make it easy to build, assess and verify skills and knowledge. The crane operator training simulator is instrumental in developing the competence of crane operators around the world.


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Simulators deployed
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