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Blended Learning Model for Safety Training

Blended Learning by 3t

Imagine having the ability to ensure your employees know their new workplace environment inside out before it even physically exists.

In safety-critical industries and complex work environments, such as, onboard an FPSO, FLNG, or drill ship, this knowledge and experience is priceless.

Enter blended learning.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is an educational approach that combines traditional face-to-face classroom instruction with digital learning experiences.

By doing so, blended learning allows learners to benefit from the immediate feedback and personal interactions of classroom settings, while also leveraging the adaptability and accessibility of digital resources, such as online courses or a learning management system.

This approach not only caters to various online learning styles but also provides opportunities for self-paced learning through our comprehensive online learning platform.

Why use a blended learning model?

Adopting a blended learning approach offers a range of benefits for both educators and learners.

For educators, it provides the flexibility to tailor instruction based on individual student needs, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the teaching process. Our blended learning program enables educators to deliver a more personalised and impactful learning experience.

For learners, blended learning courses offer greater control over their learning journey, allowing them to access resources and materials at their own pace and revisit concepts as needed. This model of learning not only accommodates different learning styles but also empowers learners to take charge of their learning process.

By integrating digital technologies and blended learning strategies into the learning process, learners are better prepared for the modern workforce, where digital literacy is increasingly important.

Key benefits of 3t's blended learning model

By choosing 3t to develop your bespoke training programme ahead of commissioning your asset, you can fully immerse your workforce into their future workplace through our blended learning induction programmes, including virtual reality (VR) and digital twin technology. Our innovative approach combines the benefits of blended learning with advanced technological tools.

This gives employees the chance to practice operations; learning and experiencing their future working environment before physically stepping foot on board, or before the asset is even built, giving them a realistic environment to test procedures and make mistakes in safety.

Some of the main benefits are:

  • A tailored blended learning approach to your major asset training, integrating the effectiveness of traditional classroom training with the flexibility and reach of online training.
  • Maximise learning retention rates and improve employee engagement within a blended learning environment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Create a safer, smarter, and more efficient workforce by leveraging the advantages of a blended learning approach, which incorporates both online and traditional training methods.
  • Save money on your training costs by adopting a more efficient and effective training model, blending the best of online and traditional methods.

Virtual reality based learning is proven to increase learning retention rates by up to 80% from standard read-only learning.

By working in partnership with 3t you’re securing better outcomes from your training, ensuring that your workforce is safer, smarter and more efficient from project commencement.


Increase in learning retention rates

Addressing Your Concerns

Are blended learning models effective?

Absolutely. By combining the strengths of face-to-face instruction with digital technologies, blended learning offers a comprehensive training experience.

How do we transition to blended learning?

Our team at 3t will guide you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruptions.

Is blended learning cost-effective?

In the long run, blended learning proves to be a cost-effective solution, reducing training times and increasing workforce efficiency.

Why Work with 3t?

Let’s delve deeper into why working with 3t and applying this blended learning approach to your training programme can be so beneficial to both your organisation and your employees that will be working on board the asset.

We work with organisations across the world, and each one is unique. At 3t Energy Group, we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Every customer and culture are different, and industry regulations and compliances differ from country to country so your solution must be tailored to your exact requirements.

Our hybrid learning solutions are dynamic so that they can adapt to the country in which they are used, and you can rest assured that your blended learning offering is unique to your needs and your asset.

Our digital twin creation, lauded by clients like bp for their GTA project in Mauritania and Senegal, offers employees a limitless environment. They can explore their workspace, understand its intricacies, and make errors without real-world repercussions.

3t boasts world-class training centres and industry-expert instructors from diverse technical disciplines. Our technically adept SMEs in areas like Production, Drilling, and Electrical support our bespoke project development.

Partnering with us guarantees a seamless experience, ensuring all your requirements are met efficiently. Our software, combined with our best-in-class VR and digital twin learning tools, makes the learning journey incredibly realistic and immersive.

Our comprehensive consultancy service manages all your learning components, saving you both time and money. Our industry experts collaborate with you to craft bespoke learning materials.

We also contribute to competence frameworks and job role matrices to enhance your workforce’s safety and efficiency. Clients have reported savings of up to 36% on training costs, including travel, accommodation, and training-related expenses.

Across the world, businesses are setting goals to reduce the impact they make to earth, and our approach to blended learning can help by supporting yours, too.

With the ability to deliver training to remote locations, working around time zones and across great distances is easier than ever, whilst reducing the impacts of long-distance travel.

Boost Learning Retention with Realistic Digital Experiences

With 3t’s blended learning programs, we can help you develop, manage and streamline your workforce learning, compliance and competence in real time to reduce risk and improve performance to become more competent and technically ready.

Our world-class training capabilities, when combined with our best-in-class VR and digital twin learning tools, enables the learning journey to be as realistic and immersive as possible.

The next generation of employees are tech-savvy

By meeting them on their level of learning using immersive and digital learning within your training programmes, the benefits to both the employee and the employer are huge. By providing true-to-life experiences of safety-critical field operations from the controlled, risk-free environment of a simulator or VR headset it’s been proven to increase learning retention rates by up to 80% from standard read-only learning.

Our learning solutions are dynamic so that they can adapt to the country in which they are used, and you can rest assured that your blended learning offering is unique to your needs and your asset.

Create a Safe, Smart and Efficient Workforce with 3t

See how a blended learning approach by 3t can help your business work safer and smarter.