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Training centre consultancy services

At 3t, we are renowned for our proficiency in delivering top-tier consultancy services across a multitude of sectors.

Our training consultancy expertise is recognised globally, and we are committed to ensuring that all your training, safety, and competency needs are not just met, but exceeded, through our bespoke solutions.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve better learning outcomes while reducing costs and improving workplace performance.

Introducing Powered by 3t

‘Powered by’ offers a consultancy service and flexible solutions to manage energy sector training centre development to customers in the US and across the world.

As a world leading GWO and energy sector training facilitator, we work directly with independent, education and government workforce development organisations across the world on the development of newly accredited training facilities.

Working in partnership with you, we will lead you through your personnel industry accreditation journey supporting you with course curriculum, instructor development and mentoring, and training centre design and development.

Clients can utilise our years of experience, our knowledge, and our position as industry leaders to expand your organisation’s provision in the delivery of industry-accredited training to your customers.

Expert workforce training consultants

Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology with industry-focused solutions, making us a leader in the safety-critical industries. We are proud to serve a diverse range of sectors, leveraging our extensive experience and global reach to deliver unparalleled training and safety consultancy services.

We consult with clients across the world to ensure that all training, safety, and competence needs are clearly identified and met through our tailored solutions, which offer first class safety and reliability.

Key ways we can help you

Navigating the complex landscape of safety-critical industries can be daunting. The challenges are plentiful, ranging from maintaining safety standards to ensuring workforce competence and managing costs.

This is where we step in. With decades of experience under our belt, we have honed our skills to identify and address these challenges, providing you with solutions that are both effective and efficient.

We are driven by our mission to help clients achieve superior learning outcomes, while simultaneously reducing costs and enhancing workplace performance.

This dual focus on quality and efficiency sets us apart in the industry.

‘Powered by’ offers a complete range of GWO, OPITO, and industry-accredited courses and modules for development. Working with us gives you access to a larger portfolio of energy sector courses to enhance what you can offer customers.

By working with us, we are giving you the expertise you need to accelerate the expansion of your training course portfolio. By increasing the number of courses you offer, your business can grow.

Personalised approach to training consultancy

We deliver a personalised approach. We understand that every organisation and project has a unique set of needs and challenges. That’s why we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.

Instead, we work in close partnership with you, taking the time to understand your specific business needs before crafting solutions that are fitted to your exact requirements. Whether it’s the development of your training centre or meeting your safety and competency requirements, our solutions are designed for you.

Deep-rooted expertise and knowledge

With our expertise and our deep-rooted industry experience and knowledge, we can support government and educational institutions in the creation of new, market-leading course curriculum. Working in partnership with you, we can help you in ensuring that workforces of the future have access to the best learning and training content required.
Our industry insight can also help you to unlock governmental funding in place to achieve ambitious global targets.

Your Partners in Success

Our commitment to understanding and meeting your unique needs, combined with our global expertise and decades of experience, makes us the go-to training consultancy, safety consultancy, and workforce training consultants. We are not just a training consultancy company; we are an extension of your operation.

Our award-winning team has over ten years of leading industry experience and knowledge in course development and instructor development programs.

In 2021, we were delighted to win two awards – “GWO Training Team of the Year, Europe-Africa 2021” and “Global Training Team of the Year”.

The two global awards were won for our commitment to improving teaching standards and the instrumental role we played in piloting and developing new courses for the wind sector. We were also commended for the exceptional support provided to clients and delegates before, during, and after our training courses.