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Advanced Cloud-Based Simulators by 3t Drilling Systems

3t Drilling Systems offers a comprehensive range of cloud-based simulators accessible from any internet-connected device.

Our industry-leading technology provides on-demand drilling, well control, well intervention, and crane training anytime, anywhere, for a fixed licence fee.

Cloud-Based Drilling and Well Control Simulators


Access DrillSIM software, utilised by our drilling and well control simulator hardware, through our cloud-based platform. Visit the product page for pricing and access details.

DrillSIM Academy

Experience blended learning with DrillSIM Academy, our next-generation well-controlled training solution.

Key Benefits of Our Cloud-Based Simulators

Unlock the full potential of virtual training with our state-of-the-art simulation solutions

  • No hardware or software installation is required.
  • Accessible from all industry-standard browsers with an internet-connected device.
  • Monthly licence fee with discounts available for agreed term lengths and multiple licences.
  • Simulators meet and exceed industry accreditation standards.
  • Instructors can send scenarios to students and remotely review their responses.
  • Proven Technology

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Proven Technology

Our iSimulators utilise proven, industry-leading technology developed by 3t Drilling Systems.

Carbon Zero

Reduce your business carbon footprint and meet net-zero goals by reducing travel for training.

Reduce Costs

Minimise travel and non-productive time costs associated with training while maintaining safety standards.

Some of our global
clients include

Coming Soon to the 3t Drilling Systems Range:


A cloud-based well-intervention simulator offering remote coiled tubing operations training.


A cloud-based well-intervention simulator providing remote wireline operations training for braided and slickline operations.


A cloud-based crane simulator offering specific training lessons for crane operators, including operating in dangerous conditions and responding to equipment malfunctions.

Why choose Drilling Systems?

As the world’s leading provider of advanced drilling simulation technology, Drilling Systems is committed to enhancing safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

Simulator training helps build a safer workforce by allowing mistakes to be made in a virtual environment.

Virtual testing of operations and procedures establishes the safest and most effective methods, leading to operational excellence and cost reduction.

Continuous learning through simulation reduces human error, decreases non-productive time, and improves oil production levels.

Our tailored competency-based programs enable easy skill and knowledge building, assessment, and verification, ensuring a world-class workforce for our clients.


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