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Drilling and Well Control Simulators

Our simulators, recognised by drilling simulator experts, exceed industry standards, providing realistic training experiences for personnel worldwide. With options ranging from portable to full-size models, each simulator can be customised to meet specific requirements, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in training.

Master Drilling & Well Control with Advanced Simulators

Elevate your drilling and well-control expertise with our cutting-edge simulators that surpass industry standards. Our range includes portable and full-size conventional drilling and well control simulators, as well as advanced cyberbase models tailored to meet specific customer needs. These simulators are perfect for drilling simulation training and well control simulation training. 

Customisation is key – each simulator can be tailored with bespoke options to ensure an optimal training experience. This flexibility guarantees that our simulators deliver the most effective and realistic training possible, perfectly aligned with your organisation’s requirements. 

Investing in our DrillSIM simulators ensures that your personnel are trained to the highest standards, leading to safer and more efficient operations in the field. Our well control drilling solutions and well control systems are endorsed by IWCF simulator and IADC simulator experts in Scotland and England.

Explore Our Simulator Range:


Access our cloud-based DrillSIM simulator from any internet-connected device, offering flexibility and convenience.

On The Rig (OTR)

Our portable simulator brings drilling, equipment operations, well control, and crane training directly to the rig, in real time.


This interactive simulator is a means of delivering hands-on well control training to recognised accreditation standards.


The DrillSIM:20 is a portable real-time drilling and well control simulator that meets IADC & IWCF accreditation.


The DrillSIM:10 is a multi-screen simulator solution offering compliance-based drilling and well control training for the driller and supervisor.


The DrillSIM:5 is a software-based simulator that delivers a wide range of real-time drilling and well control simulations.

DrillSim Educator

Designed for teaching, this simulator delivers training scenarios aligned with course programs, enhancing learning outcomes.

DrillSIM Academy

Unlock the power of blended learning with our next-generation well-controlled training solution.

Full-size Drilling and Well Control simulators

DrillSIM:5000 Classic

Immerse trainees in a highly realistic environment with a full-size, accurate representation of a conventional rig.

DrillSIM:5000 Cyber

Experience affordable drilling and well control simulation with cyber chair controls and 3D quad-screen graphics to a global standard.


Experience the next level of drilling and well control training with the DrillSIM:600 by 3t Drilling Systems. This cutting-edge simulator offers an exceptionally detailed and realistic virtual environment that mirrors actual on-site conditions, significantly enriching the learning experience. Designed to support a wide range of drilling operations, including intricate well control scenarios, the DrillSIM:600 is outfitted with state-of-the-art software that guarantees precise and immersive training sessions.

The DrillSIM:600 aims to markedly enhance safety and operational efficiency by providing trainees with the opportunity to hone their skills in a fully controlled, cyber-based setting. This advanced simulator specifically emulates various specific land rigs and related equipment, allowing for a highly tailored training experience that addresses the unique challenges and requirements of different drilling operations.


Introducing the DrillSIM:6000, a cutting-edge training simulator developed by 3t Drilling Systems, tailored for in-depth drilling and well control instruction. This state-of-the-art simulator is designed to provide a highly realistic and immersive training environment that accurately mimics both offshore and onshore drilling operations.

Key features of the DrillSIM:6000 include ultra-high-fidelity graphics, fully customizable training modules, and sophisticated real-time data analysis capabilities. These features are engineered to significantly boost both the competence and safety of operators by offering a variety of training scenarios, from fundamental drilling techniques to intricate well control challenges.

The dual-chair cyberbase configuration of the DrillSIM:6000 allows for simultaneous training of drillers and assistant drillers, promoting teamwork and communication skills essential in real-world operations. Each training session can be tailored to meet specific learning objectives and operational requirements, ensuring a bespoke training experience that addresses the unique needs of each trainee.


Key Benefits of 3t's Drilling and Well Control Simulators

  • Risk-Free Training: Practise complex operations in a controlled, virtual environment, minimising risks associated with real-world exercises.
  • Cost-Effective: Save on training costs by avoiding expensive real-world exercises and logistical challenges. Our on-the-rig (OTR) and shelf drilling simulations provide cost-effective training solutions.
  • Skill Enhancement: Hone your skills and build confidence through realistic scenarios, from routine operations to complex emergencies. Our drilling simulation software and well intervention simulation software provide a wide range of training scenarios.
  • Realistic Scenarios: Train in lifelike scenarios that replicate challenges of drilling and well control operations, preparing you for real-world challenges. Understand what the drill system and its challenges through our simulations.
  • Performance Assessment: Receive instant feedback and detailed performance assessment, identifying areas for improvement and optimising your skills. 

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Why choose Drilling Systems?

As the world’s leading provider of advanced drilling simulation technology, Drilling Systems is dedicated to increasing safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. Here’s why you should choose us:

In the virtual world, mistakes can be made without real-world consequences, ensuring that they don’t happen when it matters most. Simulator training helps build a safer workforce by allowing trainees to learn from errors in a controlled environment.

Virtual simulations allow operations and procedures to be tested and refined in a risk-free environment. By establishing the safest and most effective methods virtually, companies can achieve operational excellence and reduce costs associated with trial and error in real-world scenarios. 

Continuous learning through simulation helps reduce human error, leading to reductions in non-productive time and ultimately improving oil production levels. By investing in simulation training, companies can save money by avoiding costly mistakes and maximising operational efficiency. 

Knowing that your team is world-class provides quality assurance and peace of mind for your clients. Our tailored competency-based programs make it easy to build, assess, and verify skills and knowledge, ensuring that your workforce is fully competent to handle real-world challenges. 

Optimise Your Drilling Operations with Our Drilling Management Software

Optimise your drilling operations with 3t’s advanced drilling management software, designed to seamlessly integrate with our state-of-the-art drilling and well control simulators. Our software provides a comprehensive solution to enhance drilling efficiency, streamline well planning, and ensure the highest safety standards.

By leveraging real-time data and analytics, our software empowers drilling teams to make informed decisions quickly, reducing non-productive time and maximiszing well performance. With 3t’s drilling management software, you can confidently manage complex drilling projects, adapt to changing conditions, and achieve operational excellence.

Trust 3t to elevate your drilling operations to the next level with our innovative technology and industry expertise.


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Revolutionise the way you train your workforce with 3t Drilling Systems simulators

Enhance your skills, boost your confidence, and prepare for real-world challenges with our advanced Drilling & Well Control Simulators. We offer well control training in Scotland and England, ensuring your team is equipped with the necessary skills. Request a custom quote by filling out the form below and take the first step toward safer, more efficient training for your team.