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VR Safety Training

Virtual Reality Training Solutions for Safety

Health and Safety Training in a Virtual Environment

Virtual Reality offers a new approach to workplace safety training. Through immersive simulations, individuals can experience real-world situations in a controlled environment. This method not only increases health and safety awareness but also provides an opportunity to learn soft skills in a virtual world and practice critical safety procedures without taking actual risks.

What is Virtual Reality training?

Virtual Reality (VR) training is an immersive 3D simulation learning experience that replicates real-life scenarios and environments, giving learners the chance to complete practical training in a risk-free environment where they can learn by doing. Our clients are using our VR training solutions to simulate potentially fatal scenarios without compromising safety.


Virtual reality improves employee performance by 70%, compared to traditional training.

Our view on Virtual Reality training

Where training is required for high-hazard roles or with hazardous equipment, VR is the only way to develop safe habits through repetitive and immersive learning. Learners can develop and embed safe working habits from remote locations without requiring extensive travel, bridging the gap between traditional classroom training and practical, hands-on experience.

By replicating highly skilled, risky tasks and scenarios using virtual reality, learners can navigate and respond to real situations within a safe, immersive environment, allowing them to make mistakes, repeat tasks and feel confident and prepared to deal with potentially life-threatening incidents. Such training programmes are instrumental in transforming theoretical knowledge into practical skills.

How does it work?

Virtual reality training harnesses the power of immersive technology to create a three-dimensional, computer-generated environment where you can train employees in real-time. Wearing a VR headset, your employees are transported into a lifelike simulation tailored to their learning objectives. Within this virtual space, they can perform tasks, make decisions, and face scenarios that mimic real-world challenges.

3t’s advanced VR solutions track users’ movements, gestures, and decisions, providing immediate feedback and allowing for real-time adjustments. This hands-on approach not only enhances engagement but also facilitates experiential learning, where knowledge is gained through experiences rather than passive consumption.

VR Training bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, ensuring that learners are not just informed, but also prepared for real-world scenarios. Our training programmes focus on creating a comprehensive learning experience that prioritises safety and skill development, while increasing overall training effectiveness.

Did you know?


Companies in high-risk industries experienced a 43% reduction in injury rates after implementing VR training. (Chaos Theory Games, 2020)


VR is proven to improve learning retention by 80%.


VR based training programs can reduce training time by 40%

VR Training for the Renewables Sector

At 3t, we harness the transformative power of VR to revolutionise training in the renewables sector. Our immersive VR simulations provide a risk-free platform for professionals to engage with high-stakes environments, honing their skills on virtual wind turbines and solar arrays. This not only enhances safety but also cements knowledge retention and operational proficiency.

Our VR scenarios are meticulously designed to reflect real-world challenges, offering a dynamic learning space that transcends traditional methods. Trainees can interact with digital replicas of renewable energy assets, mastering complex tasks without the need for physical presence.

We believe in the synergy of technology and expertise, ensuring our VR solutions are not just innovative but also deeply rooted in practical application. By integrating VR into our training, we’re preparing a workforce that is not only competent but also forward-thinking, ready to tackle the evolving demands of the renewable energy industry with confidence.

Join 3t and step into the future of renewable energy training, where safety, sustainability, and skill development converge in a virtual realm.

Typical Business Needs And Challenges:

Real Consequences Without Real Risks:

In safety-critical sectors, mistakes can have dire consequences. Traditional training methods often fall short in allowing learners to truly grasp the gravity of potential errors. With VR, learners can experience the outcomes of their actions in a controlled environment, understanding the repercussions without facing actual danger.

Engagement Beyond Theoretical Content:

Traditional theoretical learning can be monotonous and may not resonate with all learners. In industries where safety is paramount, it’s crucial that training captures attention and is memorable. A VR training platform offers an interactive and immersive experience, making learning more engaging and effective.

Overcoming Geographical Limitations:

Not all learners can easily access physical training locations, especially in specialised industries. Traveling to these sites can be time-consuming and costly. VR training eliminates this barrier, allowing learners to enter virtual training environments from anywhere.

Access to Specialised Equipment:

Safety-critical industries often require training on specific equipment that is expensive, rare, or both. Procuring and maintaining this equipment for training purposes can strain resources. With VR, learners can familiarise themselves with these tools in a virtual space, reducing costs and ensuring consistent access.

Accelerated Learning and Retention:

In fast-paced industries, there’s a pressing need to onboard and upskill workers quickly. However, rapid training shouldn’t come at the expense of retention. VR training solutions cater to various learning styles, promoting faster skill acquisition and aiding in the retention of crucial knowledge.

Elevate Your Workforce with 3t's Bespoke Virtual Reality Training Courses

Unlock the full potential of your team with 3t’s custom VR safety training programs. Our tailored virtual reality experiences immerse learners in realistic, high-risk scenarios without the danger, revolutionising health and safety training. With 3t, you’ll see improved engagement, retention, and a transformative impact on workplace safety culture. Choose 3t for VR training that’s as unique as your safety needs.

Key benefits of our VR Training solutions

Our VR health and safety training enables learners to experience the consequences of potential mistakes in an immersive, protected and risk free environment.

The primary benefit of VR training is that as well as being immersive, it provides a completely safe real-life environment to interact, make mistakes and repeat tasks.

Ensure learners are focused and engaged in their learning in an immersive and realistic environment.

Our VR solutions replicate real-life workplace scenarios, giving learners access to real-life safety-critical working environments.

VR training is proven to develop the skills and behavioural habits required for safety-critical roles.

VR is also proven to improve learning retention by 80%.

Our VR technology brings scenarios to life which are difficult to create in a physical environment, enabling an emotional connection to their learning.

We are experts in replicating real-life immersive and interactive environments that accurately represent real-life workplaces, tasks and scenarios.

Our VR solutions in action

Gary Tomlin, Head of Research and Testing, UK and West Africa at DNV GL

“Our virtual reality programme has proved extremely popular with clients and we are now planning to develop this further. We want to work with our clients to add more scenarios and learn more about how this type of application can help individual businesses and the industry in general.”

Coy Wilcox, Head of Training at Saudi Aramco Nabors Drilling

“This is proving extremely effective and we are now planning to extend our virtual reality training across other land rig roles and procedures. We believe our positive experience can benefit the wider oil and gas sector by highlighting new and innovative ways of addressing workforce development.”

Paul Blanchard, Director of Manufacturing at Komatsu

“Working with 3t has been transformational for our business. Using virtual reality training has helped us to engage with younger audiences and attract them into the business. This is critical for our future growth and allows the business to maintain a lifeblood of trained and expert staff.”

VR Training for the Maritime Sector

At 3t, we harness the power of Virtual Reality (VR) to revolutionise maritime training. Our immersive VR simulations allow seafarers to master critical skills in a risk-free virtual environment, preparing them for the unpredictable nature of the sea. Our VR solutions offer realistic scenarios, from navigating through treacherous waters to conducting emergency drills, enhancing both safety and competence at sea.

Our commitment to innovation extends to creating bespoke VR experiences tailored to the unique needs of maritime operations. By integrating cutting-edge VR technology, we’re able to simulate complex maritime equipment and environments, providing a cost-effective and scalable training solution that transcends geographical limitations.

3t’s VR training programs are designed to improve engagement, accelerate the learning process, and significantly increase retention rates. We empower maritime professionals to confidently face real-world challenges, ensuring they are well-prepared for any situation. Embrace the future of maritime training with 3t, where safety and excellence sail together.

Harnessing the Power of VR for High-Risk Training

At 3t, we understand the gravity of high-risk training. Traditional methods may not convey the critical nature of potential errors. Our VR training immerses learners in scenarios where they grasp the weight of their decisions without real-world peril. This interactive approach ensures memorable, engaging learning experiences.

Geographical barriers vanish with VR, as learners access training from anywhere, bypassing the need for travel. Expensive, rare equipment required for safety-critical industries becomes readily available in a virtual setting, easing resource strains and offering consistent training opportunities.

Our VR solutions accelerate learning and retention, crucial for rapidly evolving industries. We cater to diverse learning styles, ensuring knowledge is not only acquired swiftly but also retained effectively.

3t’s VR training is the embodiment of our commitment to innovation, excellence, and collaboration. It’s tailored for professionals who prioritise safety and demand the best in training technology. Join us in shaping a safer, more competent workforce for the future

Transform Your Training with Our Award-Winning VR Technology

3t’s VR training solutions are designed to elevate your learning experiences, making them more immersive, engaging, and effective.

Contact us today to learn more or request a custom quote. Experience the 3t difference and ensure safety & training are always top priorities by investing in our VR training programs.