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3-TECH launches mobile training solution to fuel Africa’s economic growth

Together, 3T and Kentech will unveil mobile, modular training centres, which can be rapidly deployed in any remote or challenging environment.

Designed to help African countries train local people quickly in industrial skills such as construction, working at height, rigging and more, the centres come fully-fitted with internal training spaces tailored to the needs of local employers. As well as instructor-led training programmes, the centres will offer technology-driven training via simulators, virtual reality and e-learning in internationally accredited standards.

The modular construction means each centre can be scaled up or down as required and there are a wide range of optional hubs available to add onto the core offer including dedicated skills centres, accommodation pods and extra classrooms.

3-TECH will also have access to 3T Energy Group’s cutting-edge, connected software solutions which manage workforce development and monitor and report on areas such as safety, compliance, competence and ‘on the job’ performance in real-time on a global scale.

The new joint venture will be headed up by newly appointed Vice President, Colin Crowley, who is well known in the global energy sector having worked for the past 25 years in senior executive roles in the oil, gas, construction and mining industries across Africa and the Middle East.

Colin Crowley, Vice President of 3-TECH said: “Africa’s energy sector offers huge potential employment opportunities within local communities but new projects are often in challenging and remote geographic areas making skills development difficult.

“3-TECH has been set up to provide agile, supportive, high-quality, safe learning environments which can be quickly and easily dropped into geographical areas where it would be impossible to build traditional training facilities. Within our mobile centres local people will be able to gain invaluable, tailored skills for industry and employers will be able to source the skilled and competent workers they need.

“A complete mobile training solution can be designed and delivered quickly on site. This will help African people, regardless of how remote their location, develop vital skills now and in the future, at the same time as enabling companies to access skilled labour locally rather than looking further afield. We are hoping our new complete training solution will have far-reaching social and economic consequences for good and help to boost African growth.”