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3t Transform appoints new CTO to advance applications of its virtual reality technology

We’re delighted to announce that Fiona Hobbs has been appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and will join the team based in Newcastle.

Fiona Hobbs has a proven track record of growing companies and building strong cultures. She has previous CTO experience at Workcast, an online events platform and Opencast, a technology consultancy where she was involved in projects with NHS teams and Newcastle Strategic Systems Ltd. With more than 18 years’ experience in software development, she brings extensive learning technologies expertise to 3t Transform.

Fiona has been appointed to drive our technology roadmap, which will include identifying how we utilise our existing workplace management and training software, as well as looking at applications of our VR (virtual reality) technology.

She will be applying pedagogy principles to explore and push the boundaries around how people learn and retain knowledge and use that to identify more immersive experiences which can help people learn more effectively.

To support this, Fiona will be developing a platform that will enable rapid development and deployment of our software and technology solutions. In addition, she is building new agile teams within the business, to continue to deliver quality experiences to our customers.

As a STEM ambassador, Fiona is passionate about helping young people to make decisions around working in science and technology. And we look forward to supporting her to champion the opportunities available.

Fiona Hobbs, Chief Technology Officer, 3t Transform commented on her appointment: “I’m in such a privileged position with my role at 3t Transform – its bleeding edge technology is so fascinating and it has the ability to really change the way future talent learns and retains information. This will help to develop more experienced employees who can work safer and smarter.

“Also, I’m excited to see how 3t Transform’s virtual reality technology can provide more immersive training experiences and offer blended learning through the delivery of amazing in-person training provided by sister companies AIS Survivex and Drilling Systems.

“In addition to the potential of 3t Transform’s technology, I was also attracted to the company by the calibre of its team. Grant Crow and the rest of the board and senior team are highly experienced individuals, and I know they will support me in the transformations ahead.”

Grant Crow, Managing Director of 3t Transform added: “We’re delighted to welcome Fiona to the company. Her expertise and passion for learning technologies and agile best practice are just what we were looking for to help us shape the future of our products.

“In the coming months she will be responsible for driving real change which will include creating autonomous, agile teams which will lead to improved productivity and enhanced offerings to our customers. I’m excited to see where her vision will take us as a business.”

You can connect with Fiona on LinkedIn