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Blown Away at the Offshore Wind North East (OWNE) Event

Last week 3t Transform, part of 3t Energy Group, revealed their VR offshore wind turbine training demo, with an on-stand demonstration at the Offshore Wind North East event, Sunderland.

Delegates from some of the largest energy companies, regional suppliers, and industry development partners all got the chance to experience the state-of-the-art immersive VR first-hand with a training scenario designed to introduce VR in application to the wider industry.

Delegates were able to put their aptitude and skills to the test through the VR session, which included numerous life-like situations and exercises, such as grappling with the virtual heights presented, overcoming the sensation of nausea at sea, contending with confined spaces in an elevator ascent, and undergoing an emergency evacuation and abseil down from the top of a giant wind turbine.

Mike Muir, Senior Product Line Manager, STORK, commented; “I didn’t know what to expect with VR as I haven’t had much experience, but my goodness, it was as real as can be. The sensation of being so remote, and out at sea, and working at height was very convincing. As for abseiling down, I was never going to do that, one look down and I was out. What a great piece of technology!”

3t Transform’s VR and digital twin development services have been employed by major energy clients within the energy sector for bespoke training and onboarding purposes for critical projects. COO, Richard Coates, commented; “With VR the possibilities are endless. The ability to create identical replicas of assets and present role-play situations are invaluable for many of our clients and their teams, particularly those working in volatile environments or with complex equipment.

VR provides a unique, highly engaging tool that can offer a safe, risk-free, and easily accessible environment for training, O&M, and more. By replacing more traditional methods of training it can help companies reduce their carbon footprint and can prove very cost-effective, especially for remote teams.