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Cal makes second career move with GWO training

“Investing in myself has improved my CV considerably, making me more employable as a result.”

With an outdoor instruction background, Cal Noble transitioned easily into offshore oil and gas rope access roles – now he’s widening his career options after successfully completing GWO (Global Wind Organisation) training with AIS Survivex.

As a climbing instructor, Cal Noble was very confident working at scary heights so when changing careers nine years ago it’s no surprise he opted for rope access operator jobs in the offshore oil and gas industry. Cal invested heavily in himself adding several skills to his CV – eventually becoming a skilled non-destructive testing (NDT) inspector offshore.

Now Cal is broadening his skillset once again as he looks to transition into offshore wind. He’s just completed his GWO Basic Safety Training and GWO Blade Repair with AIS Training.

He said: “I’m keen to branch out into renewables as it’s a growing industry and fits nicely with my existing offshore experience. I’ve used AIS Survivex for a number of years for all my training so it was the obvious choice when deciding to go for my GWO tickets.

“Having worked as an instructor myself for many years, I understand what good teaching is all about and the team at AIS Survivex are excellent. They go above and beyond to ensure you get the very most out of the training and get lots of invaluable tips and advice to help you in your chosen career. Investing in myself has improved my CV considerably, making me more employable as a result. With my new GWO certificates, I’m hoping to scoop my first role in the global wind industry soon.”