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Celebrating a Milestone Achievement: Drilling Systems Produces 500th DrillSIM:20 Product

Marking a significant milestone in the drilling and well control training industry, Drilling Systems is delighted to announce they have produced their 500th DrillSIM:20 product. This achievement serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to revolutionising training methods and elevating the proficiency of drilling professionals worldwide.

By combining cutting-edge technology and an immersive learning experience, the DrillSIM:20 has become the go-to simulator for industry-leading organisations, cementing Drilling Systems’ position as a trusted provider of innovative training solutions. Let us delve into the extraordinary journey that led to this milestone and explore the remarkable features that make the DrillSIM:20 a game-changer in drilling and well control training.

It all began with a visionary goal to create a cutting-edge simulator that bridged the gap between theory and practice, enabling drilling professionals to refine their skills in a realistic and risk-free environment. Drilling Systems embarked on an intensive research and development journey, continually refining, and enhancing the DrillSIM:20 through numerous iterations. Valuable feedback and insights from industry professionals, training institutes, and academia played a vital role in this process, further honing the simulator’s accuracy, reliability, and effectiveness.

Our DrillSIM:20 stands out as a cutting-edge drilling simulator, redefining the industry standard with its comprehensive range of features and unmatched benefits. With its stunning high-fidelity graphics and interactive control panels, trainees are fully immersed in a lifelike environment that accurately replicates real-world drilling scenarios. By focusing on well-control exercises and simulations, the DrillSIM:20 empowers trainees to cultivate essential skills in a safe and controlled setting, enhancing their proficiency in handling complex well-control situations with confidence. The versatility and adaptability of the DrillSIM:20 is exceptional, catering to diverse drilling applications, various well types, and different rig configurations. This versatility makes it an invaluable asset for both onshore and offshore operations, ensuring optimal training outcomes and maximizing operational efficiency.

By combining the operational expertise of Horizon Oilwell Academy’s technical trainers with the capabilities of the DrillSIM:20 simulator, trainees have been able to enhance their skills and knowledge in a safe and controlled environment. The DrillSIM:20 plays a vital role in reducing the risk of human error during drilling operations, mitigating potential accidents, and minimising downtime. Equipping personnel with the necessary skills to make accurate decisions and respond effectively to unforeseen circumstances, significantly improves overall operational performance in the drilling industry.

Murtada ALSayad, Business Development Manager at Horizon OilWell Academy said: “The DrillSIM:20 has been instrumental in allowing us to deliver hands-on, fully immersive simulator training in compliance with internationally recognised IWCF and IADC standards. Amidst the challenges of local talent the Iraq energy market, the DrillSIM:20 has not only provided our customers with the trust that they are in the right hands to ensure personnel feel confident and competent to tackle any challenge that comes their way out in the field.”

Drilling Systems takes great pride in celebrating the remarkable achievement of reaching the 500th DrillSIM:20 produced. This milestone not only exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence but also reflects the trust and confidence placed in Drilling Systems by its clients. The DrillSIM:20 has transformed training programs, enabling clients to achieve remarkable results and enhance their operational efficiency. Countless success stories from satisfied customers highlight the transformative impact of incorporating DrillSIM:20 into their drilling training. Drilling Systems extends its heartfelt gratitude to its customers for embracing this cutting-edge technology, as their support has been pivotal in driving the widespread adoption and continued success of the DrillSIM:20.

COO of Drilling Systems, Clive Battisby, comments on this milestone saying:  “We are incredibly proud to reach this momentous milestone of our 500th DrillSIM:20 product going through production. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to revolutionising training methods and empowering drilling professionals worldwide with cutting-edge simulation technology.”

As Drilling Systems commemorates the production of its 500th DrillSIM:20 product, the company solidifies its position as a trailblazer in drilling and well control training. The remarkable journey of the DrillSIM:20, from inception to market dominance, showcases the company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and the advancement of industry standards. With its unrivalled features, immersive learning experience, and proven impact on personnel competency, the DrillSIM:20 continues to shape the future of drilling training. Drilling Systems eagerly looks forward to empowering more organisations and professionals worldwide with this state-of-the-art simulator, propelling the industry toward safer, more efficient, and highly skilled drilling operations.