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CMS & LMS: Offline Capabilities

The concept of highlighting the benefits of using an online learning tool offline, is a bit of a strange thought, but is hands down one of the biggest advantages of our Learning Management Software (LMS) and Competency Management Software (CMS).

Advances in our technology has moved with the times, and such has been developed to suit the needs of our clients.  With a lot of businesses working on a global scale in different time zones, or remotely with limited access to the internet, we have improved our software to be able to work both online and offline, increasing flexibility and efficiencies business wide.

Our offline capabilities allow learners to continually learn whilst they are:

> Travelling or commuting

> Working in remote locations

> Out of the office or classroom environment

> In the middle of a power cut

> On the go and not wanting to use their mobile data

So, how does it work?

You can access course materials, activities, and content, and complete any course whilst offline. You only need to connect to the internet again when you want to sync or update your learning progress. Offline learning doesn’t mean that learners’ experiences of media-rich courses will be impacted by poor internet connections. Audio and video functionality all work as well as they would if the user was online.

Why should you consider offline learning features?

Now more than ever, people expect information instantly. They want to access it anywhere, on any device, and at a time that is convenient to them. So, it’s no surprise that the ability to use your LMS or CMS offline is an essential consideration within your learning and development programme.

As such, our software provides greater productivity, better use of time and a more satisfying user experience. Learners can fit training around their work without having to worry about first finding a suitable internet connection.

Book a demo to see the offline learning features and talk to us about how our offline solutions can benefit your business and training needs.