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Drilling Systems attended OT/IT Cyber Summit 2023

Last month, as part of Cyber Scotland Week, Drilling Systems was proud to attend and demonstrate one of our most advanced cyberbase technologies, the DrillSIM:6000, at the OT/IT Cyber Summit 2023 at Robert Gordon’s University in Aberdeen.

With the rise of cyberattacks and security incident reports posing several risks to the industry’s value chain, companies are seeing a lack of cyber security and incident response training to appropriately deal with these attacks. With an aim to improve cyber security on both a domestic and international level, OSP Cyber Academy created the OT/IT Cyber Summit to highlight the scope of industries that must tackle the risk that unprotected systems have to an organisation.

During the event, professionals were invited to attend a breakout session on “OT Cyberattack Simulation for Incident Response Training” demonstrated by RGU’s ETI Drilling Simulator Manager, Phil Hassard. In collaboration with CyberPrism, the session saw CyberPrism’s cyberattack software comprised of monitoring alerts and segregation technology being integrated into the simulator to provide synthetic network data and alerts to train and test response and remediation procedures in a realistic, client-specific environment.

Our state-of-the-art DrillSIM:6000 provides an immersive and realistic training experience. Used to mirror real-time drilling and well control operations, it provides a safe, cost-effective way for trainees to practice and perfect technical skills. With the ability to integrate a variety of other models and packages such as digital twin technology, virtual reality, the DrillSIM downhole model, and DWOS, the DrillSIM:6000 can recreate a rig-specific environment that allows users to practice operations in a familiar, safe and controlled environment, helping them to become more confident and proficient in their roles.

Our Business Development Manager, Scott Sharp, also attended the summit to get involved in key discussions around future-proofing the industry against cyber-attacks. Scott had the opportunity to meet with other industry-leading experts, share best practices and insights, and collaborate on new and innovative security solutions. He also had the chance to explore the latest technologies and trends in the OT and IT space, as well as discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with integrating these systems.

Overall, it was a great event to be a part of and we would like to thank the OSP Cyber Academy and RGU for hosting such a great event. We look forward to attending more events like this in the future and continuing to demonstrate how our advanced simulation technology can support the demand for cyber security.