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Drilling Systems’ integrated advisory service bought-out by management

Drilling Systems, part of 3T Energy Group, has struck a deal for the management buy-out of its consultancy business.

The Drilling Systems’ Integrated Advisory Service (IAS) has been acquired by Graeme Eglintine, previously Vice President of Drilling Systems’ IAS and MENA Region.

IAS was established in 2016 and has been highly successful in providing bespoke training, development, competence and talent management solutions for the drilling, well control and lifting sectors around the globe with Drilling Systems’ technology at their core.

The management buy-out will allow Drilling Systems to focus on its market-leading simulator business and advance 3T Energy Group’s vision to transform the global energy training sector through technology.

“As part of the 3T Energy Group, the strategic direction of Drilling Systems’ business is very much focussed on developing cutting-edge simulation and training technologies and bringing new innovations to the global energy industry to help the sector work safer, smarter and faster. “Selling off the consultancy side of our company in an MBO allows us to focus on this and our core strength of technology development, whilst continuing to access advisory services for our clients through this new collaborative agreement. Clients from both businesses will benefit enormously from the renewed focus and enhanced services and products being developed.”
Kevin Franklin, Chief Executive Officer, 3T Energy Group

Both Drilling Systems and the new consultancy business will continue to work closely together and have signed a long-term collaboration agreement to enhance their respective customer offers.

Graeme Eglintine, Managing Director, IAS International Oil & Gas Consultancy

“I am delighted to acquire the IAS consultancy business of Drilling Systems. Having been an integral part of the IAS success story since its inception and after listening to client and industry feedback, I’m incredibly excited about the future potential of IAS. “The IAS team has built a strong reputation in the last few years of delivering highly effective solutions and excellent service to its clients and we are looking forward to using the teams’ vast experience and expertise to further develop the services on offer to clients. “We will continue to work closely with Drilling Systems and 3T Energy moving forward and we see this very much as a win-win scenario for clients, who will benefit from an enhanced focus from both companies.”