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From sales to blades – an energy transition success story

“Finished training Friday, started my new career Monday”

Former salesman, Barry Boyle is enjoying a new career in the global wind industry after completing his GWO training with AIS Survivex.

Barry, aged 38, from Aberdeen, worked in sales for 12 years covering everything from health and safety to car sales and utilities. After being made redundant in in October 2021, Barry decided it was time to change his life for the better and signed up to train for a new energy sector career with AIS Survivex. His training was funded by the Scottish Government transition funding scheme.

Over the next four weeks, Barry successfully completed a range of courses with AIS Survivex including IRATA Rope AccessCCNSGGWO Basic Safety Training and GWO Blade Repair.

A couple of days before finishing, Barry noticed a rope access job opportunity with ‘GEO Structural’. He got the job and started work just three days after completing his training with AIS Survivex!

Barry said:

“It was definitely a case of right time, right place for me. My initial contract was in rope access but this led to a really varied role working on a wind farm with the same company. I’ve now had months of experience in all aspects of wind technician work – from inspection to repair and upgrading wind turbine blades. Thanks to this experience, I’m about to start the new season having signed a contract working for one of the largest blade repair companies in the UK with a global workforce.

“The training at AIS Survivex was fantastic and fully prepared me for my new career. All of the instructors are highly experienced and offer tons of added-value advice and tips. I’ve kept in touch with some of them as they are really knowledgeable and helpful.

“In my old job, I found it hard to stay motivated and get up in the morning but that’s all changed. I really love my new career and want to stay in the wind industry and progress further. Given the global opportunities, I’m hopeful this is going to happen. I’m now earning more than I was before, with the potential to earn more than double, and the lifestyle means I get to spend quality time with my family at the end of each shift rotation and the end of the season.

“I’ve got no regrets. Anyone thinking about a new career in the wind sector, don’t give up. Keep contacting people. Make sure you take chances when they do crop up. Be ready to go at a moment’s notice. For me, it’s paid off. I never thought I would be able to transition from a sales job into wind but now I’ve got valuable experience under my belt and a proven track record – the sky’s the limit.”