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Gubkin University has been using Drilling Systems’ simulators in its oil and gas programmes for decades

Gubkin University is one of Russia’s most respected universities in the field of oil and gas education and training.

Based in Moscow, the university has been using Drilling Systems’ simulators since 1997 for its oil and gas educational programmes. As well as helping to attract students to the university from across the world, simulators enable Gubkin to deliver world-class, oil and gas programmes which replicate real operational activity in the field. This in turn, produces ‘industry-ready’ graduates and helps raise global drilling standards.

Alexander Oganov, Head of Drilling  at Gubkin University, explains: “The use of simulators is a fundamental part of our oil and gas training programmes. Simulators help to provide an engaging learning experience which the students of today expect and demand.

“Today’s generation of students prefer to learn using visual information so we use tools such as animation and simulation technology to actively involve them in the learning process.

“When students start drilling on the simulators, you can see immediate engagement. It’s an extremely immersive experience instantly transporting the student onto the drilling floor to let them see and experience operations in action. Students respond very positively to this and relish putting theory into practise.

“The quality of Drilling Systems’ simulators is exceptional and each piece of equipment reads as if it was a real drilling rig. Even experienced drillers acknowledge this. Recently an industry professional was carrying out a training programme on the simulator and encountered a stuck pipe scenario. He asked what to do and I told him to treat the simulation as he would if as it was an issue on a real rig. He did and solved it. He was amazed at how realistic the simulation was. It’s this realism that ensures our graduates are fully prepared for the workplace. For us, it’s not just about issuing certificates, it’s about providing a real grounding in the equipment and conditions personnel will face on the rig. It’s about providing a new, highly skilled workforce to support the changing needs of the global energy sector moving forward.

“Simulators help us deliver highly skilled graduates but they also put the university on the global stage.  The use of simulators enhances our world-class reputation and helps to bring in students, academics and industry leaders from all over the globe. We have students studying here from Latin America to Europe, Africa and beyond.

“For the oil and gas sector, and Gubkin University, simulators are an invaluable resource, which help advance safety, innovation and competency. We will continue to use them now and into the future.”