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GWO provide awarding body insight during virtual careers event

GWO, or the Global Wind Organisation, is the wind industry’s training body governing all wind industry standards across the world.

Ralph Savage from GWO was one of the specially invited speakers at AIS Training and Survivex’s virtual careers event and he filled us in on everything you need to know about the organisation:

“The GWO was created about eight years ago by the wind industry itself to establish high health and safety standards for the sector. Wind turbines are an inherently dangerous environment to work on with numerous safety hazards to negotiate so training is critical. After all, when you’re working in the middle of nowhere you need to be virtually self-sufficient. You can’t just dial 999 as you could be waiting sometime for someone to travel to you.

“Our aim at the GWO was to establish an agreed and approved health and safety framework to ensure every individual and company working in the sector recognises and adheres to consistent GWO standards. We continually review these standards and our GWO Basic Safety Training (BST) is currently on version 13, having been updated to accommodate changing demands and lessons learned during operations.

“This certificate must be refreshed every two years due to skills fade. There’s scientific evidence behind this and to find out more we have an article on our website explaining this in more detail.

“The wind industry is expanding rapidly around the world and over the next few years will require thousands of skilled workers to service its work requirements. Our target is to double the number of people with GWO certifications next year so it’s a good time to get into the industry for anyone interested.”

Watch the webinar