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JoJo swaps slopes for ropes

Ski instructor, JoJo Gill is living the high life after securing rope access work in the construction industry thanks to training with 3t.

After leaving school, 20-year-old JoJo from Richmond, London, decided to take a gap year and headed off to Austria to have some fun as a ski instructor. Unfortunately, Covid hit and JoJo ended up locked down in Austria for six months unable to work. She did get to ski everyday though!

JoJo returned home at the first opportunity and started a job in removals to earn money while she decided what to do next. It was a friend who suggested she should get a rope access qualification as this opens up lots of career opportunities.

Rope access is a flexible industrial skill and is critical for a wide variety of roles and sectors from construction and oil and gas to wind energy, production rigging on film and TV sets and even window cleaning. If a job needs to be undertaken in a high-up or confined space, it will most likely require the skills of a rope access technician.

JoJo was recommended to go to 3t for her professional IRATA Rope Access certification.

JoJo explains:

“I climb for a hobby so definitely have a head for heights. Rope access seemed a good fit and when I looked at the number of jobs around London requiring rope access skills, I knew I’d never be short of work.

“Training at 3t was really enjoyable. The instructors are very relaxed and informative and the rope access training area is a great space, featuring the very latest equipment and gear. I stayed in the 3t hotel during my week-long course and it was extremely comfortable – and the food in the restaurant was top notch!

“Two days after completing my course, I literally walked straight into a job in the construction industry in London.”

“Since then, I’ve worked non-stop doing everything from bird netting to window cleaning and fixing roof leaks – all hundreds of feet above the ground. I’m really enjoying it. The views over London are simply spectacular.

“My aim now is to build my hours up to enable me to do the IRATA Level 2 Rope Access course and then add a trade such as non-destructive testing (NDT) so that I can look for work offshore. Because IRATA is an internationally recognised qualification, I’m also looking at the possibility of doing some rope access work in Canada during the ski season.

“Training in rope access has been a great decision. I’ve got no regrets. 3t is a fantastic place to go for training – really welcoming and they bend over backwards to help you. Highly recommended!”