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Making net zero a reality for businesses and industries

We’re in the middle of a global climate emergency and businesses are starting to wake up to the increasing need to reduce their carbon footprint for long-term sustainable growth and the health of our planet.

For the global energy industry this is a particularly poignant topic. Companies are looking towards the energy transition and focussing on net zero solutions within their plans.

At 3t Energy Group, we are developing technology and services to help the global energy sector work smarter, safer and more efficiently. As part of this, we are supporting our customers and the sector in their ambitions to achieve net zero.

Supporting the workforce in transitioning skills

One of the key factors slowing the shift towards renewable energy is a potential skills shortage.

The renewable energy sector is experiencing huge growth with wind projects such as Dogger Bank, Seagreen, Kincardine and Hornsea. 3t Energy Group’s training business, AIS Survivex, has invested heavily in wind training and we are the UK’s market leader. We offer the full suite of Global Wind Organisation (GWO) courses from two state-of-the-art centres in Newcastle and Aberdeen.

Every year we train thousands of delegates and work closely with industry to ensure their needs are met.

As the wind industry enters its next major growth phase, we are delighted to support it with a steady stream of highly skilled, competent personnel.

We’re also helping address potential skills shortages in major growth areas such as the USA. We recently teamed up with ARCON to set up a GWO training centre in Maryland to service the fast-growing wind industry along the East Coast of the USA.

Reducing travel needs

Analysis suggests that transport accounts for around one-fifth of all global carbon dioxide emissions.

If businesses can cut travel, they can cut emissions dramatically.

An Open University study showed that distance learning courses on average involved nearly 90% (87%) less energy consumption and produced 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student.

Our 3t Transform business is developing innovative technologies to reduce travel and off rota time. As well as remote ‘Live Learning’ courses, we are developing digital twins, virtual reality training programmes, e-learning curses and virtual drilling simulators. All of which enable training to be delivered remotely.

Our clients are wholeheartedly embracing these solutions.

At AIS Survivex we delivered safety critical training to energy workers in Asia from Aberdeen. The four-week ‘Live Learning’ training programme was developed specifically for a key 3t client in Asia to upskill 70 of its workers, who couldn’t attend a training centre, for a forthcoming energy project.

For BP, we developed a digital twin of its Greater Tortue Ahmeyim development project in the Senegal/Mauritania offshore area to train its personnel in safety-critical operating procedures and processes. BP acknowledged virtual reality and digital twins programmes like this make economic sense.

Virtual simulator training

We’ve also facilitated remote learning in sophisticated training arenas such as simulation.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve deployed more than 100 virtual training simulators to clients such as Noble Drilling, Shell, Louisiana State University and Malaga Drilling School to name but a few.

Our iDrillSIM uses Drilling Systems tried and tested drilling and well control training software, developed and fine-tuned with industry over many years. It allows traditional simulator training to be done remotely online.

Instructor, driller and supervisor can all train together from the comfort of their own armchairs to sharpen skills, assess competency and prepare for specific scenarios.

It’s a game-changer. As well as helping the energy industry stay safe and compliant, it’s reducing extensive travel and supporting customers in achieving their carbon reduction goals.

Tailored solutions

This year the UK will be at the heart of the climate change debate when Glasgow hosts the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in November.

We welcome this event, which brings together heads of state, climate experts and campaigners to agree co-ordinated action to tackle climate change.

At 3t Energy Group, we are developing innovative and technological solutions to help businesses and industries as we move towards a net zero future.

All of the 3t Energy Group businesses, AIS SurvivexDrilling Systems and 3t Transform offer extensive expertise.