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Meet James!

Meet James! 

A new recruit since our rebrand, James joins 3t as Senior Sales Manager in a role that will be integral to the development of our vision and identity as we accelerate forward to achieve our goals and deliver the highest-impact training for safety critical industries. 

Passionate about making a difference in the industry and transforming training standards for over 20 years, James’ has since utilized that passion in a variety of roles in training, management, and business development. Always looking to learn and grow, James’ has placed himself in new positions and surroundings to keep pushing himself further and achieve more. Understanding the importance of positive working environments and strong team dynamics, James’ people-first approach and focus have allowed him to deliver training and motivation to countless others through his career – thanks in part to unique belief building experiences such as fire walks, seminars, and workshops. 

James’ passion, determination, and varied career experience insight have prepared him to begin a new era with 3t, and we can’t wait to see how he helps drive our brand even further forward. 

> What attracted you to join 3t? 

The career I’ve had and experiences I’ve been part of has led me to my new position within 3t. For me, the training experiences that 3t delivers across its divisions speaks to my passion for supporting others. Over 20 years since my training journey began, delivering training and helping to instil confidence in individuals is every bit as rewarding now as it was in the beginning and for me and 3t is the best place for me to continue this. 

My first encounter with 3t Digital MD Grant Crow was also a massive draw. Hearing his passion, insight, and belief in what the 3t team does spoke volumes of the company – I felt I could be a massive asset to 3t and that its where I wanted to be in the next stage of my career. 

> What are you hoping to bring to your new role with 3t? 

My experience and career so far has been built off the back of my entrepreneurial spirit and Germanic brain, and I know that can be a huge benefit in my new role and supporting 3t to continue to grow and develop.  

Within my role, I am hoping to bring flare, experience, and my own style of systemic thinking to 3t, supporting individuals and industries from top to bottom and making a lasting difference. As well, I know my past experiences will be of huge benefit in this new role. My experience with SaaS Sales provides a unique opportunity to integrate that with Training to deliver some really positive results for my new team. 

> How are you going to utilise your previous experience to help strengthen 3t’s development going forward and further establish its new brand and vision?  

For me, everything starts with ‘the why’, with the customer at the centre of that question.  

3t are here to support individuals across everything we do, and that is something that is integral to my experience and way of working. It’s crucial that message is relayed as part of the new brand and that our clients and customers know we are here to support them. 

The experiences we provide, the products we build, and the services we deliver need to always exceed customer expectations. Always striving to do more and push further allows us to build brand equity and loyalty and create win-win scenarios for our customers and long-term partners. 

> In light of your previous experience in sales and business development, what has been your biggest learning curve since joining 3t? How are you overcoming that? 

My biggest challenge has been to learn a whole new vocabulary of acronyms! The world of SaaS sales loves its own jargon but so does the energy, rail and utility sectors!   

Although a challenge, it is great fun. It’s opened up a whole new world of experiences and for me that’s just provided more opportunities for learning, growth, and development – and that’s what this is all about. Over 20 years into my career, it’s invigorating to still be able to say I’m learning, but I’ve just got make sure I always have a pencil to hand… 

> What is the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career? 

Your future self will be determined by the daily habits you have today.