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Meet marine team leader George Masson

Starting his training career in 1990, George Masson is the Marine Team Leader who with over 30 years’ experience offers unrivalled training expertise and unmatched industry knowledge.

> What is your background prior to becoming a Marine Team Leader?

Coming from a military family, I joined the Royal Navy on my 16th birthday. I was the youngest member in the Navy at the time and was very eager to learn. In the Royal Navy, I had an opportunity to join the Royal Navy Search and Rescue, where I was involved in rescue missions from deep sea to coastal cliffsides, gaining first-hand experience of dealing with emergencies and threatening incidents. I then started working as an instructor in 1990.

> Considering your background in the Navy, what made you move to the training industry?

I was looking for other ways to apply my skills and pass on my expertise. I was trained to be a marine instructor, but I also received crossed training in survival and fire, which added extra insight into other areas and elements of training.

> What does your current role entail?

Since 2005, as Marine Team Lead, I manage the marine training division for the group. My remit covers all marine training, from lifeboats and rescue boats to radios and radio licences as well as medical courses and any work on merchant ships.

I also spend a percentage of my time teaching, which gives me an opportunity to share my experience and knowledge.

> What do you think the acquisition of Petrofac Training by 3t Energy Group will bring?

The acquisition will combine the vast experience and service offering of two well-established companies with strong legacies. Petrofac’s clients will be able to benefit from a greater course offering and innovative, up-to-date technologies, whereas Survivex’s client base will be able to have access to the market leading marine training services.

We can now supply an unrivalled portfolio of courses and state of the art technology under one roof, catering to all our clients’ training needs.

> What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Meeting different people and seeing delegates enhance their skills and knowledge base, whilst transforming their career. I also value the relationships I have built over the years. Having worked in the industry for over 30 years, I have developed close relationships – and friendships – with many delegates who return to us for their training needs.

Also, even though as a team leader I spend most of my time on the management side of things focusing on processes and procedures, I enjoy stepping into a role of an instructor and pass on the knowledge and experience I have.

> How do you think the marine training industry has changed over your 30 years within the sector?

The job has not changed, we are still teaching similar scenarios using the same equipment as before. Our end goal hasn’t changed – to guarantee that the delegates are trained to the highest standards and make sure they come back home safely.

What has changed is people’s understanding of the benefits that training brings. In the past few decades, there has been a noticeable shift in people’s attitude. We now have a workforce that is very willing to enhance their skills and knowledge, as they understand the importance and value of training.