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Meet our New In-House Medical Team

Meet Dr Maria Jackson…

Dr Maria Jackson heads up our new in-house Medical Centre in Newcastle and is an extremely experienced clinician.

London-born Maria Jackson started her career as a pharmacist but craved more patient-facing interaction so decided to move to the North East in 2002 to study medicine at Newcastle University.

After her medical degree, Maria went to the NHS as a general medical specialist, working on a variety of clinical trials and dispensing over the counter medication.

Dealing with patients one-to-one was always the most enjoyable aspect of Maria’s roles so when the opportunity to do it every day at AIS Survivex’s new Medical Centre, she jumped at the chance.

Maria now sees around 10-20 people daily, examining and certifying them as fit to work in industries such as renewables, HGV driving and oil and gas.

Dr Maria Jackson said:

“I’m really passionate about doing medicals and completing all the necessary documentation. As well as checking and reassuring people that they are fit and healthy, it feels great to know that I’m supporting people in their careers. Meeting the public is something I thoroughly enjoy so it’s good to be able to do this every day of my working career.

“Leading the clinical team at AIS Survivex offers a fantastic opportunity for me. My role is really broad-ranging so no two days are the same. There is also lots of scope for me to develop the Centre further and shape and grow the department.”

As well as medical certification, the new Medical Centre offers services such as Food Handlers Medicals, Health MOTs, Chester Step tests, drug and alcohol testing, with lot’s more services coming very soon.

Need medical certification?

Whether a stand-alone medical appointment or as an add-on to training, we are here to meet your occupational health needs.

To find out more or to make an appointment at the new Medical Centre please contact bookings on 03302020569 or email:, or browse and book online…