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Meet TMS training coordinator Debbie Masson

The acquisition of Petrofac’s UK training centres by Survivex’s parent company the 3t Energy Group has not only expanded the group’s training services but expanded our knowledge in the training field with the growth of our team.

Meet Debbie, who gives us a closer look at the TMS side of the business and an insight into her role and how her team deliver training efficiency for clients.

> What does your current role entail?

As a Training Co-ordinator for the TMS side of the business, I am responsible for proactively managing the requirements of the clients on a daily basis, adhering to training/report deadlines to meet client’s KPI’s.  I manage a team of Training Administrators to deliver a high level of customer service, while still meeting client demands.

I am accountable for managing and procuring the training and compliance for my clients, which also involves having to source and negotiate with vendors on the client’s behalf.  Another part of my role involves monitoring and solving any customer service issues and preventing issues before they occur.

> How have you found your role during the pandemic?

I would say that in terms of the way we work we have made positive changes out of a negative situation and adapted to working from home very quickly, embracing the new norm.  The team have become a lot more self-sufficient and innovative, allowing us to become quicker at response rates in regards to problem solving for our clients.

> Does your role face many obstacles?

We are booking delegates onto training all over the globe, so when we are setting up courses, we have a minimum number of spaces to fill. Therefore, if problems occur where a delegate can no longer attend, we generally want to fill that space. However, having several years of experience, we have a strategy in place to concur this.  In terms of the travel, there are many obstacles that can stand in the way, including delays in delegates getting off assets or delegates forgetting about their training. More recently, the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic made us face a lot of new challenges, but nothing that we haven’t overcome for our clients.

> What part of your role drives you the most?

I love my job, and I think it‘s the dealing with people element that I enjoy the most. I have worked for Petrofac for 13 years in a training capacity and prior to that I was a travel agent, so I have always worked with people. I also really enjoy the problem-solving side and thinking fast on my feet. There is so much diversity in my role, no day is the same.

> What does the acquisition mean for your clients?

The acquisition is very positive for our clients as we are now able to offer our clients a more extensive course portfolio with a broader scope to deliver training onsite and offshore for our delegates, which will save our clients’ time and money, therefore providing a much more efficient training management service.