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Meetings, greetings and lessons learnt

As the dust settles on this year’s ADIPEC exhibition, we’ve been reflecting on our conversations with colleagues and friends during the event and looking at the hot topics emerging in the world of simulation.

It was great to be back at a large-scale, live event after the past two years of craziness and there was a real buzz at this year’s ADIPEC. Being part of the Nabors and Canrig stand, put Drilling Systems at the heart of the action and we ended up speaking with dozens of industry professionals, well over 100 people, during the course of the exhibition.

As expected, visitors were keen to see the latest technologies in action and our virtual reality and digital twin demonstrations attracted the crowds.

Drilling Systems works with 3t Energy Group company, 3t Transform, to develop VR and digital twin solutions for our clients. Because 3t Transform has a background in the gaming industry, the VR and digital twin programmes we are able to create are highly immersive and look and feel like the real thing.

Our VR programme took visitors through an engaging scenario, which tested their safety skills on an oil rig. If the correct procedures weren’t followed, realistic graphics showed tragic outcomes such as explosions, suffocations and critical accidents.

Many of the people trying out the experience at ADIPEC said it felt like being transported to an actual oil platform and they quickly forgot about being in the exhibition hall.

For the task of drilling and well control, this means simulators are now able to take role preparation to an entirely new level. Anyone training on the simulator becomes completely immersed in the task and can prepare in advance for drilling operations using the exact conditions to be faced on the drilling floor. However, unlike actually being on the drill floor, in a simulated world you can make all the mistakes in a safe and trouble-free environment. This enables you to focus on complex scenarios that you may not actually encounter in real life but it’s really beneficial to understand what to do if they happen! Training for every eventuality builds competence and ensures skills are kept sharp.

Many conversations at ADIPEC revolved around how we can improve training and competency for the younger generation and new workforces. Learning through technology like simulation and VR is fast paced, highly visual and auditory, which is why it is perfect for the next generation of talent coming through.

Drilling the well on a simulator (DWOS) was also a hot topic.

Drilling the well on a simulator (DWOS) can enable crews to prepare for a well specific drilling campaign. Actual well survey data or planned well information and geological formation data can be loaded into the simulator to enable this focused well specific training. Drilling Systems has been enhancing its real-time downhole hydraulics model over the last year and we are currently testing directional drilling functionality with an industry expert. Look out for the latest in our advanced next generation version of the DrillSIM model …… coming soon to a simulator near you !

ADIPEC clearly showed there is lots of interest in training technology now and for the future and how it can help the oil and gas sector become safer, smarter and more efficient, as well as supporting the energy transition.

A massive thank you to everyone who visited the 3t Transform Energy Group and Drilling Systems team at ADIPEC. We have lots of exciting conversations to follow up on and we’ll be getting in touch with everyone who expressed an interest in our products and services very soon.