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Pandemic-driven innovation – by Clive Battisby, Drilling Systems

Clive Battisby, director of simulator operations for Drilling Systems’ parent company, 3T Energy Group, talks about the company’s newest innovation.

Clive Battisby said: “Last week we were delighted to launch our new cloud-hosted simulator the iDrillSIM.

“This ground-breaking innovation allows traditional simulator training to be done remotely online. Just log on from anywhere in the world and you’re ready to start learning and refreshing your drilling and well control skills.

“The huge benefit of the system is that multiple people can log on at once to create a powerful virtual learning event in the cloud. This virtual classroom allows instructor, driller and supervisor to train together for specific scenarios, sharpen skills and assess competency.  It’s a game-changer for the oil and gas industry and will revolutionise the way we train in the future.

“We’ve been developing the iDrillSIM, along with a range of other digital solutions, for some time but the coronavirus pandemic certainly expediated our work.

“Coronavirus has seen us all operating in an entirely new world overnight, where social distancing is paramount and travel restrictions prevent traditional training taking place.

“But the world still needs energy and our clients still need to ensure high safety standards are maintained and skills remain fresh – perhaps now more than ever.

“We know iDrillSIM works well. For starters it uses our tried and tested drilling and well control training software, which has been developed and fine-tuned with the industry over several years. Trainees will be familiar with the interface and like our simulators, existing training materials can be easily loaded into the system. Trials of the system have exceeded expectations with students acknowledging a high-quality, engaging learning experience which works well.

“Coronavirus undoubtedly helped us bring forward the launch of our iDrillSIM but also highlights an important point. Innovation and technology are the key to addressing many of the challenges our industry faces. We need to use technology as an enabler to help our industry work smarter, safer and more efficiency through the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.”