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Samuel Knight International provide wind industry hints and tips during careers event

AIS Training and Survivex’s virtual careers webinar with global recruitment company, Samuel Knight International gives you the inside track.

Before contacting recruitment companies, be clear on your motivations, aspirations, and career goals – wanting to ‘work in wind’ is not enough for them to identify the right role for you.

Make sure you do your research beforehand on the industry, specific projects and ideal roles so that you understand the wind sector and where you can best fit in. Having a niche skill will always be an advantage so find one that suits you, examples might be repairing wind turbine blades (blade repair) or cabinet assembly (electronics within turbines).

One way to get a foothold in the industry is by looking at wind technician level jobs for big turbine manufacturers such as GE Renewable, Vestas, Nordex and Siemens or developers, consultancy services and service providers. This will allow you to gain traction and experience on a specific turbine, which will enable you to work on that type of turbine anywhere in the world.

The wind industry is experiencing massive growth and offers lots of career options and opportunities for career progression in the shortest space of time. Working in wind involves rotation work and is more likely to involve contracts for different periods of time – anything from 3 – 36 months. As well as contract work, there are also permanent opportunities but the pay and rotations will differ between contract and permanent.

There’s a potential to earn a lot of money in wind but it’s not an easy ride. The work is difficult and rotations can see you being away from home for long periods so you need to be committed.

For anyone still interested, there are big opportunities coming up at Dogger Bank, the world’s largest offshore wind farm being built 130km off England’s North East coast.  The project will kick off in 2022 and is looking to start producing electricity by 2023, so they will be looking to recruit people locally in the near future. There’s also a big opportunity in the US, with the wind industry becoming a huge focus over the next few years.

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