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Top 5 Benefits Of Creating Bespoke Content

We have an expert in-house team who can develop any type of training course or learning content to match your precise learning objectives. But what are the actual benefits of bespoke content, when you can buy it off-the-shelf?

When it comes to training in businesses, one size never fits all; each company is unique, and learners will respond to the same programme differently. That’s why sometimes an off-the-shelf solution just doesn’t work, and companies are opting for custom-made content.

There are no limitations when it comes to bespoke solutions. We can focus on your specific learning objectives with you company’s needs and target audience in mind; completely bespoke to you.

Created by our experts

Our team consists of Learning Specialists, industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), psychologists and teaching professionals who have vast experience in developing courses for a variety of industries, who can plan and develop courses to your exact needs.​

Your options:

> Adapting content – this is when we take either your existing learning programme or a standard course or subject and adapt certain parts to tailor the content to meet your learning objectives, so they are aligned with either a specific job role, a unique project, or your current work site.

> Bespoke development – we also offer bespoke development, where our team will work with you to create either a course or learning development programme from start to finish, completely customised to your company and learning goals.

Instructor-led courses – As well as planning, developing, and rolling out technology-driven learning content, we can also develop bespoke instructor-led courses which can be delivered at AIS Training or Survivex training centres or on-site at your workplaces.

Top 5 benefits

Bespoke software offers a variety of benefits over the off-the-shelf software, especially in customisation, scalability, and effectiveness. Here’s just some of the benefits you can expect to see if you decide to invest.

> Scalable – With bespoke solutions, everything is specific to the company, including the budget. As your company grows, it can scale based on its needs. We can easily accommodate any process changes or mandatory training, adding new content in or removing content along the way.

> Flexible delivery – You have the option to power your content through our sophisticated Learning Management software, 24/7, on mobile, desktop, tablet or laptop or upload it straight onto your existing LMS.

> Competitive advantage – Learning and training is a vital part of an organisation and how a company delivers it is very important. Bespoke learning programs can help your company incorporate the subtle differences that define the unique service offerings of a company, which is an essential advantage in a highly competitive business environment.

> Effective – Bespoke training has a higher knowledge retention rate than generic learning content as it is tailored with your learners in mind. We can work with you to really study and analyse not only the content but your staff or workforce to make your learning programme as responsive as possible.

> Cost saving – buying off-the-shelf content can sometimes mean you pay for programmes that are above or below your current requirements, resulting in paying for functionality you do not need or use. With bespoke learning, we can create a training solution based on what you want, and you will only have to pay for the features you need.

Bespoke learning content can save your company significant time, money, and resources. Learning is tailored around relevant on the job tasks, and as you are in control of your training matter, you can respond to emerging issues quickly and efficiently, so your staff are always up to date.

The benefits of course speak for themselves, but we understand investing in a brand-new programme might seem like an overwhelming challenge.  3t Transform have been creating custom learning solutions all over the globe, with proven results. If you are interested in learning more about our bespoke content creation, we would love to talk to you.