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UK’s first CoHE course approved by GWO

AIS Survivex has become the first training provider in the UK to receive GWO approval for its Control of Hazardous Energies (CoHE) course.

The new standard was released by the GWO earlier this year to reduce the risks when working with or close to hazardous energies in the wind industry.

AIS Survivex was involved in helping the GWO shape the new training standard after running a pilot programme last year and is now the UK’s first training provider GWO-approved to offer the CoHE course.  It will offer the CoHE course at its Newcastle site.

Covering three key modules: Basic Safety, Electrical Safety and Pressure Fluid Safety, the CoHE course offers 24 individual lessons, which together create a global standard based on best industry practice to keep wind workers safe when working in and around wind turbines.

In the Basic CoHE safety module, the new standard enables delegates to manage risks, and act safely when working with or in the vicinity of hazardous energies. The next two modules focus on more specific risks regarding electrical safety of low voltage systems and working with hydraulic and pressurized fluids.

Paul Johnson, Operations Manager at AIS Survivex, who headed up the CoHE pilot course, said:

“This is a critical safety standard which the wind industry has specifically requested. Working in and around hazardous energies poses significant risks to workers and the industry needs a standardised approach to ensure the highest levels of safety.

“We were at the forefront of helping to pilot this standard and are delighted to become the first training provider to be approved by the GWO to offer the CoHE course.”