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With the right people, strong collaboration, and understanding, 3t & Vantage Drilling dramatically improved the existing CMS platform for the Vantage Competency Assessment Program (VCAM).


Through our existing long-term working relationship with international offshore drilling contractor Vantage Drilling, 3t Digital was tasked with enhancing Vantage’s existing competency and management systems (CMS).  

Amidst evolving standards and landscape, Vantage’s VCAMS program had reached a level of maturity. The VCAP content required improvements, which were undertaken in-house by Vantage in collaboration with drilling and lifting subject matter experts, ICM Group.  

Utilising the training, technology, and simulation solutions across 3t, a modernised, bespoke CMS platform was required to take Vantage’s end-user experience to the next level. 

The Solution 

The solution required tight project management, communication, collaboration, and attention to detail. These elements were all crucial components to achieving the successful outcome.  

Between our team based in MENA – spearheaded by the region’s Head of Business Development, Hiam Saad – and the guidance of Vantage’s Training & Competence Manager, Nick Coyle, a detailed plan of action was developed. This people-focused approach, built off the leadership and understanding between Hiam and Nick, allowed us to deliver an improved and streamlined CMS.  

Where the previous system was not fully utilised, the new system was developed to target safety critical personnel. Both sides knew that no matter how good the content and system was, it would be ineffective without the buy-in and knowledge of the key users. To combat this, we provided consultation, advice, and training on how to put the system to its full use, taking all feedback to further push the CMS to be the best it can be. 

Having visited all of Vantage’s rigs in 2023, Nick was able to provide expert insight into the new system and offer coaching to the Safety Critical personnel involved in VCAP V2.0. For a first-hand experience, Hiam joined Nick in one of the visits to the rig to meet the end users who will be operating the system on a daily basis. 

The Result 

Thanks to the collaboration and the commitment from both teams, led by Hiam and Nick, we ensured that a positive outcome was achieved, fully revitalising Vantage’s CMS platform.   

The flexible system accommodated Vantage’s requirements, leading to tailor-made content for personnel in safety-critical areas. High-quality and engaging, the new content system has led to a 92% VCAP compliance score across the Vantage-owned rigs (as of October 2023) – up from a starting point of 39% VCAP compliance at the launch of VCAP V2.0 in April 2023.  

As well as the impressive turnaround and quality of content introduced, the new system allowed Vantage’s direct line supervisors to directly track skills, verify competence, and monitor performance.   


“Although challenging at times, it’s been a pleasure working with the 3t team – Hiam, Tom, and Rachel. Inheriting a system that had been stalling and leading to frustrations across the Vantage team, I knew the task at hand, and what was needed to turn things around. Thankfully, I got the opportunity to work with 3t Digital’s MENA team who were all on the same page. 

The understanding and collaboration between both sides of the project was the key to its success. The commitment shown by Hiam, Tom, and Rachel laid the foundation for the improvements we have observed.  

In only a few months, the positive results are clear for all to see. It’s a promising outcome for future collaboration between Vantage and 3t.” 

Nick Coyle, Training & Competence Manager at Vantage Drilling