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On The Rig: OTR

OTR simulators are helping prepare personnel for faster and safer rig reactivations and operations. The simulator can be operated without an instructor, so clients can keep it on-site for continuous development of their crew

On The Rig (OTR) is a real-time portable simulator bringing drilling and equipment operations, well control and crane training to the rig.

The interactive unit is revolutionising how training is delivered for the drilling industry with its instructorless mode and the ability to deliver continuous training, development and assessment.

OTR brings together the use of simulation technology at its core and the most comprehensive learning system available in one package.

OTR is available for Land, Jackup, DrillShip and Semi-submersible rigs. The functions and exercises available differentiate depending on the system preference.

New software update

  • Improved highly-immersive graphics
  • Enhanced instructor-free learning management system (LMS)
  • Shortened learning exercises with instant performance feedback
  • Updated touch control screen system


DrillSim Downhole Model

OTR includes the full DrillSIM downhole model which provides a dynamic 3D graphic visualisation of the actions taking place down a deviated well throughout a wide range of drilling operations.

Drill the Well on Simulator

Drill and optimise your next well ahead of time, in safety with Drill the Well on Simulator (DWOS) on the OTR.

Industry standards

With the addition of a choke panel, OTR meets oil and gas drilling and well control training and accreditation standards set by IWCF and IADC. The simulator also meets OPITO stage 3 crane operator re-assessments.

Connected software

The OTR connects seamlessly to a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) which allows you to track and monitor the performance and results of your workforce via real-time dashboards.

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Key benefits to your business

Deploy training rapidly and on-demand with a fully portable simulator that can deliver training and competence testing on-rig and in-situ.

Reduce operational and training costs by reducing travel time.

Reduce the risk of well delivery with an on-rig simulator that allows teams to practise high-risk scenarios before carrying them out.

Monitor the progress and development of teams while ‘on the job’ with competence programmes.

Key features of the OTR

  • Drilling, well control and crane training on one simulator platform
  • Packaged in a bespoke protective case for transport
  • Module-based learning management system (LMS)
  • Includes unique LMS instructor-free mode
  • Optional instructor controlled capacity
  • User-friendly interface
  • Supports multiple rig human machine interface (HMI) systems
  • Drill the Well on Simulator (DWOS)
  • Progress and development tracking and reporting
  • In-simulation assessment, feedback and improvement
  • Cloud-based competency dashboard for remote crew competency monitoring

Key capabilities of the OTR

On the Rig can be utilised to support comprehensive module-based training and competence programmes including, but not limited to:

  • Well control
  • Drilling practices
  • Surface and subsea blowout preventer (BOP) operations
  • Managed pressure drilling (MPD) training
  • Lower marine riser package (LMRP) disconnects
  • Drill the Well on Simulator (DWOS)
  • Operational readiness
  • Lifting and deck operations

OTR in action

Morten Laget, Well Expertise

“OTR allowed us to undergo some practical training on the rig itself during work time combined with review of Subsea Equipment and Associated Operations. This helped the crew in building competency and confidence and lowering the risk of major well control incidents. Following the success of this training, we now plan to roll out OTR onboard training across at least three further exploration wells.”

Callum Smyth, Operations Manager, Wellesley

“Drilling Systems’ OTR simulator provided a great tool for reducing our risks by enabling the crew to practise drilling scenarios on essentially a realistic, virtual model of the well. As well as training the crew for the specific conditions, this enabled us to test and fine-tune the well programme for maximum effectiveness.”

Pete Blakeston, Founder, Malaga Drilling School

“Any initial scepticism about the effectiveness of online simulator training has been completely blown away after successfully running five remote courses. The iDrillSIM is extremely easy to use and the experience comes very close to operating a DrillSIM physical simulator with the same realistic representation of the conditions faced when drilling.”

Stuart Greer, Operations Manager, Stena Drilling

“The OTR helps us prepare our drilling and lifting teams. We are able to test a wider range of high-risk operational scenarios which could never be replicated on the job. Crew members gain experience and confidence and are better prepared for the real thing.”