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DrillSIM Downhole Model

The DrillSIM downhole model allows operators to develop and run drilling and well control exercises.

By providing a graphical 3D representation of what is happening downhole. This allows trainees to see and clearly understand the consequences of their actions or equally their in-actions throughout various drilling operations.

Key capabilities

  • Water and oil-based muds
  • Bubble point and gas flashout
  • Multiple kicks and kick influx density
  • Gas expansion and migration
  • Reservoir drawdown and stabilisation
  • Bullheading
  • Underground blowout
  • Dynamic pressures during well control
  • Formation fluid type and permeability
  • Loss zone and leak off testing
  • Bottom hole effects – equivalent circulating density (ECD), surge and swab
  • Wellbore ballooning and breathing
  • Horizontal and deviated wells
  • Hole cleaning, turbulent, laminar flow
  • Drilling on junk, pipe twist-off, stuck pipe
  • Sloughing, differential sticking, key seating, pack-off
  • Rock strength and abrasiveness
  • Bit washout, bit plugging, bit balling
  • Drill string washout
  • Fluid flow and pressure lost
  • Lost circulation
  • Hydrate problems on choke and kill lines

In action

“Their unique combination of high fidelity surface graphics and pipe handling emulation linked to an extremely sophisticated downhole model allows WellTrain to deliver advanced MPD, HPHT and deepwater well control training.”

Steve Collard, Managing Director, Welltrain Limited