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Leading the Way in Advanced Simulation Technology

Drilling Systems is the world’s leading provider of advanced drilling simulation technology, dedicated to increasing safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. With over 30 years of industry experience, 14 world-class products available as full-size or portable solutions, and over 1500 simulators deployed in more than 60 countries, we are revolutionising the way workforce training is conducted.

We have a wide range of customers from all different sectors; however, we have particular expertise in the following:

Sectors we work in

Drilling Contractors

Drilling Systems understands that the people who crew, manage and maintain your rigs are central to your operations as a drilling contractor, which is why we are continuously developing advanced drilling simulator technology to revolutionise how training is delivered to your teams and enhance employee productivity.

Oil & Gas Operators

Drilling Systems understands that oil and gas operators strive to reduce non-productive time and mitigate the risk which can be associated with drilling operations, which is why we are continuously developing advanced drilling simulator technology that drives improvements in asset up-time to ultimately improve oil production levels.

Service providers

Drilling Systems understands that service providers must ensure teams are prepared for quick and safe rig-reactivations, which is why we are continuously developing advanced drilling simulator technology that can assess and close gaps in individual competence to enable operational excellence.

Academic Institutions

Drilling Systems understands that academic institutions with a focus on oil and gas must produce students that are well trained, highly competent and well equipped to meet the needs of the industry moving forward, which is why we are continuously developing enhanced simulator technology that is designed for academia.

Training Providers

With over three decades of industry experience, Drilling Systems understands that training providers strive to remain at the forefront of training delivery for the oil and gas industry. As world leaders in our field and with innovation at our heart, we are continuously developing enhanced simulator technology to revolutionise training and provide an immersive learning experience for organisations across the industry.

Why Choose 3t's Simulator Technology?

Making mistakes in the virtual world ensures they don’t happen in the real one.

3t’s simulator technology helps build a safer workforce by enhancing your training solutions.

Operations and procedures can be tried and tested in a virtual environment to establish the safest, most effective methods in the real world.

This ultimately enables operational excellence and reduces operational costs.

Continuous learning through simulation helps to reduce human error, which drives reductions in non-productive time and ultimately improves oil production levels.

Knowing your team is world-class gives quality-assurance and peace of mind for your clients.

Our tailored competency-based programs make it easy to build, assess, and verify skills and knowledge.

Put Your Trust in 3t Drilling Systems

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