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Efficiently manage and track employee training with our robust software solution. Experience enhanced training effectiveness and streamlined administration.

In safety-critical industries, where the stakes are exceedingly high, the importance of robust training courses and efficient training management software cannot be overstated. Ensuring comprehensive compliance training in line with ever-evolving regulations is not just a matter of ticking boxes—it’s a vital measure for safeguarding lives, assets, and reputations.

The question then becomes: how can organisations keep pace with these demands while maintaining operational efficiency?

With decades of international experience, 3t has emerged as a trusted name in health and safety training management. Our expertise extends globally, offering a blend of cutting-edge training management software and customised solutions. Combined with a personalised approach, our we therefore understand the unique challenges faced by different industries across the world.

Leading Training Management Software

The health and well-being of your workforce is paramount. Navigating the world of health and safety regulations can be daunting, but with our training management software, you have a trusted ally by your side.

Our software is specifically designed to manage and enhance employee training and safety programs effectively.

Comprehensive System


Our software is meticulously designed to offer a holistic approach to safety training. By integrating safety protocols, health and safety standards, and various other essential features, we ensure every aspect of your safety needs is addressed with precision.

The incorporation of a learning management software facilitates seamless and efficient training programs, tailored to meet the demands of the modern workplace.

Tailored Solutions


We take the time to immerse ourselves in the unique challenges and requirements of each client. This deep dive allows us to craft solutions that aren’t just effective but are also tailor-made to align perfectly with your specific needs and ensure training.

Our aim is to ensure the best training management experience, with a focus on practical, real-world application.

Real-World Impact


From industry-leading manufacturers to powerhouse energy conglomerates, our clientele spans a broad spectrum. And they all share one common testimony: with 3t, they’ve experienced significant enhancements in safety training, health and safety protocols and overall operational efficiency.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive employee training and training programs reflects our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding industry standards.

Why wait for a gap in training before taking action?

When you work with 3t, we will help you address your business needs and challenges associated with health and safety training. Our systems provide an easy way to access, manage and track essential training data so that you can rest assured your workplace is always safe, secure and fully compliant.


Reduction in your admin tasks

All you need for robust, real time training management.

Our training management software offers a holistic solution, combining advanced tools and analytics to empower businesses to manage training with precision and ease. Dive into a world where real-time insights, security, and proactive measures come together to create a robust training ecosystem, complete with a versatile learning platform designed to enhance training sessions.

These tools facilitate the creation and management of training requirements tailored to each specific job role. With a clear roadmap for risk management, our health and safety software ensures that every employee is equipped with the necessary training and skills for their position.

This approach is particularly beneficial for training companies looking to streamline their training management solution with an efficient, comprehensive system.

Training management is essential to train employees to be consistent in their delivery of work. Our software provides real-time analytics, offering insights into each employee’s performance. This ensures that companies can maintain the highest level of quality and compliance across the board.

By leveraging the data, businesses can optimise their training sessions, making them more effective and aligned with organisational goals.

To ensure optimal working conditions, rigid security protocols that result in a safe and secure workplace must be implemented and adhered to. In safety-critical working environments, it is essential that employees complete training to the highest standards so that they can mitigate risks they may face in their job role.

This is where our learning management software comes into play, offering a secure, streamlined process for managing all aspects of employee training.

Identifying gaps in compliance or training is only half the battle. Our software goes a step further. Whenever discrepancies are detected, our intuitive system makes it seamless to book relevant courses, ensuring that these gaps are addressed promptly and efficiently.

This level of integration is vital for training management solutions, as it facilitates continuous improvement and compliance in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Not only does our platform allow you to monitor real-time data, but it also empowers you to spot emerging trends. By identifying patterns early on, you can take proactive measures, ensuring that your training management remains top-notch at all times.

These insights enable businesses to stay ahead of the curve, adapting their training strategies and course management to meet future needs and challenges effectively.

Does your company lack a robust training plan?

The challenge

Some companies don’t have a plan in place for workforce training because they lack a clear understanding of how to proceed to meet their learning goals. For a company to maintain the highest levels of training and competence, they must have a clear blueprint of how to train their workers properly.

For a company to excel, it is essential to have a training management softwarwe in place that provides a clear blueprint for effectively training their workers.

We have the solution

Safety Standards training monitoring is a necessity for companies to maintain a strict level of security protocols, and a reliable training management softwarwe has made it significantly easier to train employees for safety-critical roles. By using a system that gives you a completely holistic view of all your organisations training makes adhering to rigid security protocols a lot more straight forward.

Try Our All New 3tx Platform

Unlike most training management software, 3tx offers one digital solution for customers in safety critical industries to help you manage your workforce across Training, Competence and Learning.

With 3tx, you’re not just investing in a safety software platform; you’re investing in the future of your business, ensuring that your team is always prepared, informed, and ready to tackle the critical aspects of their roles.