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Our Digital Solutions

Our digital solutions are designed to transform workplace learning into training that is realistic, immersive, engaging and most importantly, easy for workers to retain.

Our range of learning content provides you with a range of solutions to meet every budget without compromising on quality. We are passionate about developing engaging digital solutions that enable workers to experience their safety-critical workplace without any risk. Our innovative solutions enable workers to take part in realistic training where they can make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment. These learning experiences allow workers to gain the necessary skills and confidence for them to excel in their role before even stepping foot in their workplace.

High impact learning

3t has a variety of digital solutions available that can be combined with any of our platforms or high-impact in-person training to create highly effective blended learning programmes. Our experts work with you to establish which solutions would work best to meet your requirements within your budget.

Our market-leading digital solutions are:

As a leading virtual reality training company, we have expertise in replicating dangerous work environments, making our VR learning an attractive alternative, as it provides a safe environment to learn and repeat high-risk skills.

Adding VR into your workforce learning programme allows your team to experience and learn from high-risk scenarios in a safe simulated environment so they are fully equipped with the skills to put into practice in real life.

3t’s technology-led training solutions and robust workforce development software enables you to maximise the potential of every employee by providing them with tailored training solutions that increase their competence level.

Our app and games-based learning solutions have been proven to boost employee learning from an average 20% to an impressive 70%. Using gamification, AI and social collaboration, our Knowledge Coach app has proved fun whilst significantly boosting employee engagement and also ensuring that learning is committed to long term memory, beating the dreaded knowledge fade, whilst enabling successful recall months later. 

Our cutting-edge digital twin technology allows workers to experience an exact virtual replica of their workplace, enabling them to familiarise themselves with the surroundings and procedures before stepping foot in their real work environment. For clients in the past this method of learning has proved highly successful with one client seeing their critical training competency fast-tracked by one year.

Knowledge Coach micro-learning app in use

Unlock your potential

We look forward to working with you to unlock the power of your workforce potential with our game-changing platforms, award-winning software solutions and highly immersive learning technologies.