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Climber David goes from bouldering to blade repair

Former climbing instructor, Dave Shurr from Preston is scaling greater heights in a new wind career thanks to 3t’s Ultimate Wind Package.

The 28-year-old swapped careers from outdoor instructing to renewables and is now working as a full-time blade repair technician for wind company, Full Circle – maintaining wind turbine blades, hundreds of feet above the ground.

Dave is no stranger to working at eye-watering heights and it’s through his contacts in the climbing community that he first heard about the potential of a wind career.

David said: “A few of my friends from the climbing scene had wind technician jobs and it sounded right up my street. I love travelling and I also love climbing so the idea of combining both seemed ideal.

“I was recommended to go to 3t for my training as they offer an ultimate wind package, which gives you all the certificates you need to start in the industry. They also offer interest-free finance, which makes paying for the courses affordable.

“I wasn’t disappointed. The team at 3t was amazing. From the knowledgeable instructors, who now feel like mates, to the restaurant staff who ensured a daily vegetarian option for me or the manager who let me use the hotel facilities during my stay, the team couldn’t have been more helpful. It really feels like a family who are rooting for you and want to see you succeed.”

And David certainly did succeed. Before even finishing his five-week training package, David had a job offer lined up as an onshore blade repair technician working on different sites around the UK.

He went on to secure a full-time job with Full Circle twelve months ago and is now responsible for repairing wind turbine blades on EWT turbines around Europe.

David continued: “It’s crazy to think that a short time ago, I was completely new to the wind industry. Now, I have a range of really marketable skills, a fantastic full-time wind job and a career route with clear progression. Full Circle has been a brilliant employer, investing in my skills and giving me the opportunity to significantly expand my wind experience. I work within a really great tight-knit team and my job is extremely interesting. I’ve certainly got no regrets!

David, who grew up in Hong Kong between the ages of 10-16, is also a passionate musician and lead singer in the Indie Rock band, Moon and the Beams.