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Following an existing relationship with 3t Training Services, Equinor required the expertise of 3t to develop bespoke eLearning courses to meet the energy giants changing requirements.


An ongoing client of 3t’s through prior work with 3t Training Services, Norwegian-based international energy company Equinor entered a new collaboration with 3t for the design and development of two bespoke LMS eLearning training courses.

With over 22,000 employees across 30 countries, Equinor takes its role as a leader in driving the energy transition seriously, and 3t is delighted to help support its plans for further growth. Through our tailor-made solutions, Equinor is placed in the best position possible to futureproof its workforce by upskilling and reskilling personnel whilst attracting the next generation of talent to enter the industry with the right qualifications and competence for high-risk, real-world environments.

Becoming disillusioned with its existing classroom-led courses provided by a third-party provider, Equinor felt its training had become stagnant, with learning retention rates and employee engagement suffering. Already utilising the 3t Training Services team for its Training Management Systems (TMS) and impressed with the results, Equinor was looking to streamline all training for Mariner A&B, provided by one supplier. Attracted to the capabilities of the Group, Equinor had its sights set on adopting our LMS eLearning into its learning and development curriculum.

The Solution

Meeting the requirements for a modern, digital-first alternative to the classroom-heavy training courses provided by the existing supplier, we provided two training courses bespoke to Equinor, specifically for Mariner A&B, including a brand-new three-part course currently in development.

Designing the ‘Control of Work – Skilled Worker’ course as part of Equinor’s plan to integrate digital eLearning and move away from the previous instructor-led, PowerPoint-based training, the new course included four highly-detailed modules, all aligned to the Mariner Safety Standard (MSS), that featured e-learning content and software simulation ‘walk-throughs’ that demonstrated how to raise work permits within the Permit to Work System (Permit Vision). By providing individual cloud-based LMS profiles, we offer all personnel a direct route for their training, ready to be completed at any time from any place, helping them understand upcoming training requirements and allowing them to track their progress.

A welcome change of pace from existing outdated methods, the capabilities of our eLearning software were an exciting development for Equinor’s workforce, creating a more engaging and accessible training plan to breathe new life into training requirements and initiatives. The success and positive feedback of the ‘Control of Work – Skilled Worker’ course from Equinor and the personnel who took part opened the door for further eLearning training courses.

The Result

Following the delivery of ‘Control of Work – Skilled Worker’, over 1000 Equinor personnel, including core crew and vendors, completed the course, to consistently positive feedback.

The success of the ‘Control of Work – Skilled Worker’ course allowed for work on the development of the three bespoke FES Guard courses to begin. Already built and with the client, these courses went live by the end of July 2023. Once delivered, each of the three included FES Guard courses familiarised individuals with FES Guard and helped them to understand the related responsibilities when preparing for Hot Work Class ‘A’ work, Confined Space Entry work, and when Working Above Sea.

Whilst being a more engaging training format for personnel and allowing for improved learning outcomes, the implementation of our eLearning courses has also been cost-effective when compared with the cost of Equinor’s previous training methods, including the hiring of classrooms and training professionals. By implementing our LMS eLearning, the new training programmes extended beyond the classroom-driven courses at a lower cost and a higher engagement and learning retention rate. The move to digital platforms through our eLearning has allowed Equinor to cut down on the cost and time spent on logistics by allowing personnel to complete training via the digital platform no matter where they are based, via desktop or mobile device.

“Cost-effective and a completely modernised and engaging answer to our existing training programme, the quality and impact of 3t’s eLearning has been on another level. Present throughout the process, the 3t’s team made it a seamless experience, always available to discuss how best to utilise the technologies and software, as well as consistently offering additional support. The eLearning software provided was to a high standard, and the results have been clear with great feedback from the team who have taken part so far.”

– Graeme Joiner, Principal Engineer, Operations