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3t Training Services wanted to make its Emergency Response Training helideck more engaging so tasked 3t to design content to keep the learning experience high.

3t Training Services provides a range of Emergency Response training courses, which include a mixture of theoretical and practical aspects, governed by stringent accrediting body standards (e.g.OPITO).

Practical exercises for ERT courses are carried out in small groups, creating idle time for delegates waiting their turn.

3t Training Services wanted to fill delegate’s idle time with engaging, immersive and informative materials to keep the learner experience high.

3t Digital developed a VR Digital Twin of 3t’s Emergency Response Training ground including helideck and accommodation quarters.

As delegates await their practical exercises they are provided with an orienteering session on what to expect in their upcoming practical exercise as well as a relevant scenario to test underpinning knowledge.

This solution has increased the learner engagement in the delivery of ERT courses at 3t and enhanced the overall delegate ‘POP’ experience.